The Ebola Out Break!

The ebola out break is something that as we all know now has been brought into our country and it seems that our nations leader is determined to create a situation where this virus and others could get way out of hand and create a devastating epidemic right here in ouir country. We must ask ourselves why? It seems that the agenda is to continue the fear mongering that this administration has been pushing ever since this idiot came into office.

The facts are there is no epidemic here in the U.S. and we should not fear this situation just because the main stream media is slamming it all over the T.V. and news papers every where. Facts are facts and yes this could get out of hand but only if they let it.

But it is still wise to store enough food and other supplies in your homes just in case one day something like this does get way out of hand. Facts are right now you would have a better chance of contracting feline distemper right now than Ebola :). And this is a good thing meaning your chance of catching this disease is slim to none so don’t worry about it unless you see it spreading quickly across the U.S. heading towards your areas of living. Then I would advise closing all traffic down leading into your areas. I have found out that from what some doctors are saying that silver colloidal seems to be working on the Ebola virus. Very interesting indeed. 

Below is information on the situation over seas right now with the Ebola situation. Read and learn but always be prepared to place yourself and others into a self imposed isolation if this type of illness ever comes your way. You would have to keep yourself away from all others during an epidemic like the ones in Africa. If your prepared for such an event then yours and your family chances of survival can be up to 100% survivability. Simply because you knew what to do.

The reports of declining rates of new Ebola cases in Liberia, announced by the World Health Organization on Oct. 29, fueled hopes that the outbreak response is working, but experts are cautioning that it is too soon to believe the epidemic has entered a new phase, with slower growth.

WHO officials said the total number of new cases in all three affected countries —  Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea — also may be leveling off. Some WHO officials told BBC News that they now expect the rate of new cases to be steady, at about 1,000 weekly cases in all three countries.

As with outbreaks of many infectious diseases, after the response is implemented, people expect the spread of the disease to begin to slow. Control measures as simple as educating people to avoid touching other people and stopping traditional burial practices, can limit the spread of the virus. In early September, scientists had estimated that if the outbreak were to keep growing at its current rate, by the beginning of November, there would be nearly 9,900 cases in Liberia and more than 20,000 total cases in all three countries.

Another concerning factor is that the geography of the disease appears to have changed, with more Ebola cases turning up in rural areas close to the major cities. Part of the reason for the positive trend in Liberia is that people there are practicing safe burial of patients who die of Ebola


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