Aliens Are Real!


We are not alone nor have we ever been alone. What a wonderful thing to know and truly understand. Are we the hybrid aliens we have been looking for? I think so in many ways. 🙂

New evidence of existence of alien life has surfaced. A UFO researcher claims to have pictures of captivated aliens from the year 1947.  According to the report, the image shows an alien undergoing what looks like an autopsy in the top-secret Area 51. Tom Carey, the UFO researcher, claims that he acquired these images of an alien from a US intelligence agent “who operated during the Second World War.”

The sun sets during an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) tour in the desert outside Sedona, Arizona February 14, 2013. Picture taken February 14, 2013.

The photo that has led to the rise of a frenzy of speculations is to be “taken on film.” Kodak, the company serving imaging solutions, has reportedly verified that the image was taken 67 years ago. It is the same year, when the popular Roswell UFO “crash” took place in New Mexico. The Roswell UFO sighting is an “important incident in the history of ufology. Based on various press accounts, the publication explains that the incident saw the crash of an unidentified flying object in Roswell. Many people including military pilots reportedly claimed to have seen the UFO, before it ended on the ground. Furthermore, the publication states that the UFO experts believed it was a spacecraft that was “occupied by aliens.” It is said that these aliens were captivated by the US government “either dead or alive.”

Meanwhile, the Mirror report notes that Tom Carey has approached historians for further investigation of the image and truth behind the story. The UFO expert explained that the photo was taken to the “official historian” of Kodak in Rochester, New York. This historian confirmed that the filmstrip dates back to the year 1947. The experts also claim that the image showing “partially dissected” alien is not photo shopped. Furthermore, the report notes that the UFO researcher thinks that the creature is about “four feet tall” and its head resembles like that of an insect. The image raised questions. While some believe in its authenticity, some others have expressed doubts. However, Nigel Watson, the author of Haynes UFO Investigations Manual, believes that such an event involving capturing of aliens would be a “world changing event.” “It’s unimaginable that they could keep the lid on such an event throughout the 50s and 60s,” 

This link will let you see the actual alien autopsy video. Check it out.

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