Snacking can be good for you. Here are some tasty treats that are not only satisfying and delicious, but good for your hair, skin, and body. 


I Know, I Know This isn’t one of the foods mentioned below but Strawberries are one of my favorite snack when the others are not around. Very healthy also!

 Here are some tasty treats that do more than just taste good!

Avocado With Lemon and Sea Salt 
Avocados are loaded with over 25 essential nutrients and vitamins that act as skin antioxidants and can prevent free-radical damage. They are naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help hydrate and soften your skin, as well as biotin, which helps prevent dry hair and brittle nails. Half an avocado will keep you satisfied and full. Just add a squeeze of lemon and a dash of sea salt for a little extra flavor.

Pumpkin Seeds 
Magnesium and zinc-rich pumpkin seeds are a superfood that promotes eye and skin health. They maintain collagen and skin renewal and contain “good” cholesterol (HDL), which can help with joint pain and headaches in postmenopausal women. They are also known to stimulate hair growth and protect from pollutants.

Apples With Honey-Tahini Dip 
Apples are rich in vitamins and minerals and are a great source of flavonoids and polyphenols—both of which are powerful antioxidants. Tahini is 20 percent pure protein, which makes it an even higher protein source than most nuts. Honey is a natural sweetener. Making a honey-tahini dip is simple: Just mix together a quarter cup of honey and a quarter cup of tahini, and slice up an apple for an afternoon snack.

Greek Yogurt and Berries  
Greek yogurt is full of “good” bacteria, also known as probiotics, which are essential for a healthy digestive track and boosting immunity. It also contains lactic acids, which hydrate the skin. Berries are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which help diminish wrinkles, sagging skin, and discoloration. Berries also prevent toxins and free radicals from entering the body. Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries are great options for snacks during the day, especially on top of yogurt.
Dark Chocolate
This Ones My Favorite 🙂 !
The flavonols in at least 70 percent dark chocolate will help your skin protect itself from UV damage, fight free radicals, and increase blood flow. They can also improve skin hydration and thickness. A piece or two of dark chocolate is full of copper, zinc, and iron, which promote the cell renewal growth process. These minerals also increase oxygen and blood flow to the scalp, which leads to healthier and stronger hair. Plus, it’s delicious.


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