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     The future of our country and each and everyone of us is seriously at stake now. It seems as you know that our government has totally lost contact with the people they are suppose to be representing in every way possible. I have watched as they have taxed us beyond reality just so they can keep their own political and personal war agendas going. And as you know they keep giving themselves raises while you and I are taxed to the point of oppression and poverty. The future of our country and the world if things keep going the way they are is dismal to say the least.  

Right now the world is at war on every major continent there is and it seems that it will continue that way for now on into the future. The key here is understand that we can step away from their ways of war and chaos. If war comes there is nothing we can do about it anyway right now because a majority of the people in our country are sleeping but many are waking up to what is happening  which is good. Its time we accept that the only changes we can make right now is within our very own communities and within ourselves. Right now we need to start fighting everything you can at the local levels. The times of hoping things will get better are gone now and the time of making a difference and doing is here. We all have to get off our ass’s and realize that they only way the world is going to get better is if we all stand up in mass and say no to the dark deeds those in power are doing. But we know this isn’t going to happen as long as the illusion of freedom is there. So what does the future hold for us all?  Well at the present time our world is heading into war globally as you know and our planets atmosphere because of geo engineering is in serious shape right now and many scientist are saying if we don’t change things fast we as a species are screwed.  The fukushima situation is not going away and the pacific basin is now dying because of the daily continued discharge of radioactive waste and materials into the pacific. This isn’t going to change anytime soon because frankly we don’t have the technology to stop it right now.

So here we are with war, environmental problem, new viruses appearing everywhere and also our ocean currents are changing with some of them like the gulf stream current simply slowing down and stopping. This is why the east coast areas and the Midwest are being hit hard by major storm’s right now. This is going to get worse. The gulf stream current no longer makes it across the Atlantic ocean to Europe any more. This is going to bring colder temps and weather to all of these regions. As for the central and southwestern U.S it is going to get dryer and hotter it seems. And for the central and south American areas drought is what is hitting them very hard right now in many areas as well.  It seems that sever weather conditions are going to be the thing of the future scientist are saying right now everywhere.

Our societies on the planet right now have finally began to realize that our planets resources are getting scarce and that our species population growth has already gotten to the point where we have to think about what we are going to do. All of us want our families and future generation but what is it going to take before we realize that with massive population growth we are signing in a since the death warrant of the children of the future. Our population over tie will out growth the resources our planet has to offer. So who is going to make the decision as to our population. I have talked to many political officials and scientist and they are now saying that if the population doesn’t put itself in check then the government of the world in due time will. We have become a planet of massive consumerism and its not going to stop in the near future projections have shown. Our medias and mega corporations use every tool they have to sell us everything we need and much more of what we don’t need. We have to ask ourselves this question from now on when we go out to buy something….Do I really need that or is it something I just want. We need to learn how to curb our wants compared to what we really need. We also need to learn to keep things around and this mean fix things like the did in the ol days. Back in the day business made everything to last for a hundred years…. Today businesses and corporations have what we call a planed obsolescent program. They make things cheaply so you will have to go out and buy another normally within a year or two year period. And yes this goes for everything out there. Making things that last is not a priority anymore like it was when I was a young man.

Now lets look at our food chain around the world. Facts are with the massive weather changes many crops that use to grow in certain areas are no longer able to grow there. All of our planetary food production areas are changing and changing fast.  And to top this off several mega corporations like Monsanto’s are creating genetically modified foods that are now we are finding our are slowing destroying our bodies and in many cases killing us over the long haul. What type of future does our children and grand children have I ask? Everything is either being genetically modified and feed to use with out even long term testing. We have talked about the fukushima situation where the radiation coming out of this nuclear power plant is seriously wiping out the sea life population of the entire Pacific Oceans and basin area which encompasses literally millions of miles. And scientist are now saying there is no way to stop what is happening. I due time the radiation levels of our oceans are gong to be devastating in every possible way. Our planets natural food production for us humans is dwindling fast no matter what anyone says.

Now lets take a good look at our ability to stay healthy in the extremely fast paced world and society. Facts are my good friends is that our health as a species is dwindling as well. The diseases and things we are getting and catching back in the day weren’t heard of. Oh sure you still have a few cancers and other things but in today’s world the issues of staying healthy are different. What s funny is that we have found out the we can stay healthy all’s we have to do is stay away from the foods produced my all of the giant mega farms. Why because most of their foods now are genetically altered, non tested, and literally bad for you because also of the type of pesticides they are using on all of our food these days. No with the genetically modified food we also have found that many of these foods are causing illnesses and health conditions we have never had to deal with and the mega corporate medical establishment isn’t helping either. The Medicines they are creating and using on all of us has side effects that are literally in many cases worse that the illness themselves. And as for the vaccines they are trying to get us and or children to use and get are causing autism and much, much more in our children today. In some cases our children are dying because of these injections. It seems the money being made by big Pharma corporation out weights the benefits of you and your children being healthy. No I just read that our government (CDC) I asking people between 18 and 56 or so to join several programs they have that deals with getting injection of a new Ebola serum to help fight Ebola… WTF! Are they crazy. Are they planning the next red flag epidemic? You have to wonder. Facts are our bodies immune systems are being attacked like never before. So what do we do about this….

Well the reality of things are this. The only way we are going to be able to feed ourselves in the very near future is going to be by growing our foods our selves. If we get together in our own local communities and grow the foods and other things we need privately then we have a good chance of having foods that are not genetically modified and more nutritious that the foods you buy at the big chain super markets. Facts are facts. As for our water we have to make sure it is filtered so we won’t end up ingesting all of the chemicals that have been poured into our water systems for over 200 years now. Its time to shop only at your local farmers market and it is also very important to learn how to barter for things we do it here all of the time. we need to learn to connect with one another instead of fearing one another like the forces that be would like us to. They have been trying to stop all of us from getting together why because we have power together. And they fear our power this is why they are spreading the fear game every where and over everything. Something big is coming our way and they know it. Now it is time for us to get ready for what is to come. We know that all of these super powers one days are going to get into what we have all really have prayed won’t happen and that is WW3.  The problem with this next war is going to be martial law and the FEMA camps already in use right now in our country. These are the end results of what is to come if we don’t learn to stand our ground against the tyranny of a government that has totally lost contact with its people and their true needs and wishes.

So what do we do now. Well we prepared and do the same things our ancestors did. They always prepared for bad times and the long cold winters. This is what we have to do now as well as create a community within our communities. I have seen this done in many places and it works. People need to learn to take back their local communities from the politicians and the federal government. Preparing increases ones confidence in being able to weather the hard times that re heading our way. Don’t be one of those who are just going to set in their chair and hope for the best. Be the change you want to see in the world around you and teach others how to do the same. It can be our time as a people is we would only wake up and stick together in everyway possible… This is something the powers that be don’t want to happen. This is why all the distractions to keep us looking in another direction while they continue to try and take away your freedoms and ways of life.

So as you can see it is all up to us to make the changes we want to see and we have to start this at the local levels of our society. And if we don’t then I guess we get what we deserve for not standing up for ourselves and our future generation. So the choice is your what are you going to do. we all need to set a new standard for ourselves, our communities and the future generations as a whole. Everyday I pray for all of us, Humanity as a whole finally needs to wake the hell up before it really is to late and that time is not to far off.

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