All these sanctions aren’t worth a grain of sand of the Crimean land that returned to Russia.Description Vladimir Putin 12015.jpg

 While they serve as useful shows of diplomatic strength, they have been largely toothless. Perhaps that’s because if more restrictions come, they could be just as bad for the West as they are for Russians. The original U.S.-led sanctions were against 11 executives and politicians — specifically, Vladimir Putin’s innermost circle — a development that most Russian politicians found vaguely amusing. A Russian official joked, “So what if I can’t get a visa to the United States? I didn’t want to go there anyway.” Amidst criticism from the EU and other nations, the U.S. Treasury has updated their sanctions list, bumping it up to twenty Russian officials. The sanctions include sixteen government officials, including Putin’s chief of staff, Sergie Ivanov; the speaker of the State Duma, Sergey Naryshkin; and Viktor Ozerov, chairman of the security and defense committee of the parliament’s upper house.  The Treasury has also prevented United States banks and individuals from doing business with Bank Rossiya, as the bank is associated with Putin’s inner circle. Still, no actual trade sanctions were issued against the country as a whole. With the above statement from the Russians and the EU it is very obvious that the U.S. government isn’t hurting at all and things could if pushed get real bad for us here in the united states if this keeps up. I mean come on 95 percent of the cimeans voted to be added to the territory of the Russian states. This was a perfect tactical move that Putin took and Crimea will stay part of Russia period I feel. Our country is getting spread way to thin now. We need to take care of things at home instead of roaming around the world being a police force for everyone else. Putin knew what he was doing here believe me.

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