I have been saying this for years now. We have been fighting forces that are really no match for our technologies or armed forces. But it sure is funny how these rag tag groups of insurgents and freedom fighters has done. The have been able to fight us off at every corner and they have the hearts to literally sacrifice their lives for their causes which are religious and culturally strong. The U.S Has never won a straight out guerilla war so far and a war with Russia or china would be a whole new ball game. Even our experienced generals and Intel officers have said. Our forces right now are spread to thin and are getting involved with things that we have no need to be involved in. Our politicians have failed the people of this once great country. Russia’s Putin has made his move and it is going to be permanent you watch and see. Our country is going through enough right now with unemployment, the dollars devaluation, and the people getting ready to fight back against the federal government just like the sates are. We the people needs to have a more serious meaning to our political officials. Over the course of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq soldiers and marines have trained for maneuvering and fighting in small units over the landscape of the Middle East. Counter-insurgency (“COIN”) doctrine, which stresses engagement with local civilian populations and tactics for fighting loosely organized forces employing light weapons, has become the military’s new bible. It’s about as far away as you can get from the principles used in the Cold War.

According to retired General David Deptula, who served as the Air Force’s top intelligence officer, “we’ve been focused on the far left end of the spectrum of operations,” by which he means the protracted, low-intensity conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. But, he says, “if we want to maintain superpower status we need to be prepared to succeed across the full range of operations, not just the left end of it.” 

Even the few strategists that weren’t pre-occupied by Iraq and Afghanistan were planning for the much-touted Asia pivot, envisioning a future, one they’d argue is still looming, defined by Chinese hegemony. Russia, meanwhile, was considered by many to be an historical relic; still big enough to wield real power but no longer capable of threatening U.S. vital interests.

Oooops they were wrong here weren’t they! Russia is a very strong nation just like the United States and it is ready to stand its ground. Everyone I have talked to says we should not be involved with the Crimean situation at all. Where do you stand?

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