I chose this quick saying from Gandhi simply because it makes a lot of sense with the world societies being where they are right now.


Especially with us going to talk about creating Emergency Power. What would happen if all of a sudden you have no power. No power for your lights, no rechargers to recharge anything, and no power to run anything not even a simple fan.  If you follow these simple instructions you can have power as long as you have your car. Being prepared just doesn’t mean storing food and a few other supplies. It means that you are always looking for ways to work with nature and the natural world around you as well as knowing how to use many of the new technologies around you in emergency situations.  I believe that having the ability to create some quick emergency back-up power and lighting is a top-of-the-line necessity.


Here I have a light and radio working right off my surge protector. And my engine isn’t even running! You can do this too. Just make sure you start your vehicle every once in a while or you will kill the battery and then you’re in trouble! So keep your battery charged at all times.

So to do this all you need is your vehicle, an extension cord (100 ft.), an inverter, and a good surge protector. Now all you have to do here is to use your inverter, which takes 12 volts dc and turns it into 110 to 120 volts ac so you can run your lights and radios during emergency situations. This can also run small TV’s. I myself have used this technique many times camping or working out in the woods. Ok… first hook your inverter up to your vehicles battery. Make sure that it is turned off before going any further. So right now your inverter is hooked up to your vehicles battery and off. Good. Next plug your extension cord into the inverter.  Next open your home window a little and stick the extension cord through the window and into your house. Close the window until it just touches the extension cord. Now go into your house and plug in your surge protector into the extension cord you just put through the window. Make sure the surge protector is turned off before you try and plug anything into it. Now you are ready. Go out and start your vehicle. Do not do this in a closed garage, carbon monoxide kills! Ok now that you have your vehicle going simply switch on your inverter, you will hear it hum. I always use 400 watt inverters but only maybe use 200 watts of power in emergency situations. Now that your inverter is on go into the house and switch on the surge protector. Now you have instant emergency power! You can plug in a few lights and a radio and even recharge any and all of your rechargeable items, Computer, cell phones, games, and more!

So there you go; some quick and easy emergency power for you and your family any time you need it.

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 William WhiteCrow

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