Raising Chickens is a lot of fun and it can be done almost anywhere!

There’s something very satisfying about raising chickens of your own for eggs or meat.  Having a small flock of hens is not only a good source  of food, but it’s also good entertainment.  I love just sitting and  watching and listening to my small flock scratch around in their fenced  yard and interact with one another. Fresh eggs, laid by hens that are allowed to get out and forage for a part of their food, taste different than eggs from a commercial farm.  Grass, sunshine and bugs make for very tasty eggs.  They look  different too.  The yolks are near orange, instead of the pale sickly  yellow color of store bought eggs.  If you’ve never tasted fresh eggs,  you’re missing out.


 Home raised chicken meat has a far better flavor and texture as well.  Commercially raised birds are generally kept in small cages, under low light conditions, their entire (short) lives.  They never see a blade  of grass, a ray of sunshine or a single bug. If you’re thinking about raising chickens of your own, I  encourage you to try it.  Start small at first to get the feel for it  and to see if you really like it.  Many people raise chickens for eggs.  

Less people do for meat, but that number seems to be increasing  as well.  Before you start your flock, there is some preparation work  and basic knowledge you need to know to ensure a healthy happy flock. If you do try to raise chickens in town, it’s even more important to keep it clean.  Don’t let your coop and pen get dirty to the point  that they start to smell bad.  Neighbors certainly won’t appreciate  that.  Of course clean quarters equate to healthier birds, so keeping it clean is a good policy wherever you live.

And with things in the world going the way they are its good to grow your own food and meats. Try it you’ll like it! 🙂

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