“Growing Your Gardens In Containers”!


“These Chilies Drying In Our Window Were Grown In A Container”!

I have been growing gardens for a long, long time now and I have decided to create this article for  your enjoyment. Now I understand that many areas don’t have the type of soil that grows great gardens. So with this in mind I have turned to container gardening! That’s right! With container gardening I can literally create the type of soil I want for  each and every container garden I make. As you know, there are different types of gardens. We are talking about edible garden veggies here that have different soil requirements and this is the way to do that. I have used all different types of containers for a garden including old recycled tires. These, by the way, are what many earth homes are made of. But that’s another article. Raised beds provide better drainage and aeration than in-the-ground beds and they make harvesting easier. In this garden, one 4-foot raised bed can produce around 80 pounds of tomatoes!

Big-yield beds

The above garden has a wooden container that has been filled with a good quality garden soil mix. This type of container gardening also allows 100% control of everything you give your plant. Water, fertilizer, no gophers or moles and a garden higher up off the ground is easier to work with and keep healthy; Better aeration and everything. And with a container garden you can create a simple  roof which you can cover with bamboo or anything else that will keep the direct sun light off your plants if the sun is beginning to damage them, and yes, I have seen this happen. I can roll out my simple reed fencing roof over the simple frame I set up over my containers and I’m done. It takes me a few minutes to do my whole garden and the plants love it.

One-pot garden

This picture uses a water trough as a container garden. I have done this and still do have a few containers like this one and they have been producing great veggies for years now. This is a Galvanized Animal Water Trough.

Stone-lined bed

This picture shows a great way to use what nature has around you to make a nice and long-lasting container garden. I use these everywhere on my property. They are easy to make and you can make these types of container gardens any shape you want! Round, Square, Heart Shaped, any way you want! All you have to do here is make your basic shape on the ground with stones, add some soil until the soil reaches the top of your first layer of stones. And then you add another layer of stones and then add more soil and so on and so forth. Keep doing this until you have reached your desired height. I say no less than a three-foot depth. This gives your plants plenty of room for root growth. The one thing I always do when making this type of container garden is lay some good small squared wire on the ground and then place the first layer of stones on the screen to prevent any type of underground rodents from tunneling up into my garden from below. The smaller the holes are in the wire screen you are laying down the better but 1/4 inch is the best I have found. Definitely wire needs to be smaller than chicken wire. Then I repeat the soil and stone process I have mentioned above.

Free-form corrugated steel

This next picture shows corrugated steel being used to make a great container garden. I have used corrugated sheeting for years. I simply cut it down the middle long ways and use both pieces and my garden siding. But as with my stone containers I also lay small wire mesh down first before I start filling my containers with soil so no underground critters can get my goodies once they are growing… 🙂

DSC02295 DSC02298

The above Pictures are my Half Drum containers for my garden These are simply 55 gallon drums that I have cut in half with a saw. And that was a non-electric saw at that. No power needed! I also put around 7 or 8 holes in the bottom of the drum as well for drainage.  These holes are 1/2 inch in diameter. And notice that I have one of my many plant protectors during cold or windy weather. I call this my mini green house. It’s a 5 gallon plastic water jug I got at a yard sale. I cut the bottom out of it and now use the bottom as my dogs food bowl and they love it.  The top I use, as you can see, as a mini green house if I need it. All you have to do is simply place it over the plant in the container. If I have a freeze I put it over the plant and stuff a piece of cloth into the opening on the top. If you still have the bottle top, then that works great too. Keeps the freeze out. This has saved my garden plants many times in the snow or unexpected freeze! Another thing I have used as a container for gardening has been old tires. I placed one on top of the other. But as before because this type of container is placed directly on the ground as a base I once again lay down wire first and then add my soil. Sorry but no picture for this one because I just thought of it :). But as you can see, by using containers for your gardening you are able to control everything that your plants need and very easily at that. Hope you have enjoyed this little tidbit of info and try it you’ll like it!

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