Off the grid living is something that many people of today are seriously looking into. I myself and my wife have lived off the grid for over 20 years now and we love it. We have found the freedom to do what ever we want and know that even if our country was hit by an EPM we would continue on with little problems at all. Why Because we have done the studies, and experienced everything that could happen to you while living off the grid. We have had engine break downs, plumbing problem, refrigeration issues, leaks, wild animals eating our chickens and everything else you could imagine even massive wild fires that ripped through our areas. But we are still here and over the years we learned how to do anything and everything we need to do to live off the grid comfortably and now we live probably more comfortable than most do in the city. We have everything we have wanted and more. It took us time but we learned how to do it and we do it very well. We have very few problems now of any type and because of our frontier attitudes we know even if real hard times hits our country we are going to be ok for a long time. How about you. I have even taught all of our children how to survive in the woods as well as teaching them how to hunt, fish, and set traps just in case they need to get their foods directly from good ol mother nature.

 The first thing you need to understand if you are serious about living off the grid is this. Its a lot of work to set yourself up off the grid but it is work that will ensure your survival should shit hit the fan.  These are the things you will want to know if you are going to go for it.

Power: Your power can be from several things. Solar, Generators/Power plants, and Hydroelectric if you have a small stream or river close by on your property. Wind power is another form of creating power. So If you are going to live off the grid make sure you understand your personal power requirements.


Water: Make sure you have a good well or other water source that is all year round! Also you will want to store some water just incase something breaks down. We store no less than a thousand gallons of back up water in large water tanks with covers. You can run your entire water system off 12 volt pumps and gravity flow if you set things up right.

Shelter: There are many alternative ways to build your abode. Rammed earth structures are simply awesome especially the earth tube system. Look it up, its simple and easy to do. There is also Hay Bale Homes, Log Homes, Underground Homes made of shipping containers.


Heat: You heat can be all solar and wood heat when you are living off the grid. I have tried many other ways of heating our home but these two methods are the best.

Tools: Tools are the live blood of those who live off the grid. I have power tools and I have a complete assortment of non electrical tool, Hand Tools. If your power goes down and you have to fix it power tools can’t be used. And yes we have portable battery operated tools as well. And they are great.


Medicines: We have learned everything we could about the natural environment around us and there is a lot of natural medicines in mother nature. Learn them well and learn how to use them. The reason I say this is because if something happens and the whole system that is set up for us which we all call the grid goes down the big pharma companies will not be able to make the medicines we all take for granted. Besides learning about the natural medicines around you be sure to store all type of medications and basic emergency supplies you can get your hands on. If shit ever hits the fan your not going to be able to just run down to the local pharmacy and get what you need. So those of you who are dependent of pharmaceuticals learn about herbs and plants that you can use for your conditions. Get them and store them. Also remember that many animal medication are good for humans learn them and store them for your live stock and yourself. I do!


Personal Protection: I tell everyone to make sure that you have the weapons you will need to protect yourself and family as well as the weapons you will need to hunt with. The weapons everyone should have is a 22 caliber rifle, a 12 gauge shot gun, and a good long gun like a 30 06 or 308 caliber rifle. These are excellent hunting rifles with plenty of knock down power. I say to also have a good bow and arrow set up for yourself. Why? Well remember an ol soldiers saying. One shot tells them the direction you are in and the second shot tells them where you are! If times are so that you have to hunt quietly then the bow and snares and other types of traps are your best choice.


You Vehicles: Make sure that the vehicles you have are good durable vehicles. good 4 wheel drive vehicle is always good to have and normally a necessary item when living off the grid. Keep them up and running good. And if you are going to be living way out I would advise having a good mule and or a horse just in case. They don’t need fuel to get you some where. Just a little grass and water. As you can see I have my vehicle set up to produce power when I need it :).


Gardens: If you are going to live off the grid then you had better learn the basics of gardening. Learn the climate of the areas you have chosen and how others in these areas grow their gardens. A good garden feeds you and your animals in many ways. Knowing how to grow a good garden is essential for living off the grid. So get learning and practice, practice, practice.

Well here are the main things you will need to really look at before going for it but you can make it happen and after lets say a years work you’ll have your homestead. There is one thing I haven’t mentioned here and that is seeds. Store as many non GMO seeds you can. Never know when mother nature will throw you a curve ball. Being prepared is something we can all do and it doesn’t take a million dollars to do it either. So educate yourself in the art of off grid living! You’ll love the freedom of it 100%.

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