Ever since the Fukushima accident we have learned many things about radiation and it effects on our environment. But I have watched as the lies about this accident pile up. As we all know our pacific ocean is in deep trouble right now and radiation readings all along the west coast over the last few years have increased and caused many massive oceanic life forms die offs some scientist believe. Everything from star fish to sea lions dying on the coast lines from California to Peru! But now time has gone by and the newer found affects of the massive radiation release caused by the Fukushima power plant melt downs. We are seeing many different psychological affects as well as physical affects happening the the children of Japan and other areas where this radiation has spread. And the massive radioactive water releases still going on there every single day. We have even seen two headed whale babies now!

Some of the smallest children in Koriyama which is only a short drive from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant reactors barely know what it’s like to play outside. The fear of effects of radiation poisoning has kept them in doors for much of their young lives.

Though the safety limits for outdoor activity which was set after multiple reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in 2011 have now been eased still concerned parents worry and are still concerned about their children playing out in the environment so they stay inside most of the time now. And the physical and psychological impact is now starting to show with many children experiencing falling strength, lack of coordination and some cannot even ride a bicycle. Also emotional issues like shorter tempers are coming to the surface officials and educators say. “There are children who are very fearful and they ask ‘does this have radiation in it before they eat anything. So we have to tell them it’s okay to eat Mitsuhiro Hiraguri the director of the Emporium Kindergarten in Koriyama said.

 One mother at an indoor Koriyama playground was overheard telling her child: “Try to avoid touching the outside air”. Even three-year-olds know the word “radiation now”. Many children now say they want to play in the sandbox and make mud pies and stuff, but we have to tell them no you have to play in the sandbox inside instead.”  34-year-old Ayumi Kaneta who has three sons says, “I buy food from areas away from Fukushima now. This is our normal life now, this is the way it is.”I try to keep from going out and from opening any windows as well. But this lack of outdoor play is having a detrimental affect on many of the Koriyama’s children, both physically and mentally as well doctors and parents are saying. “Compared to before the disaster, you can certainly see a fall in the results of physical strength and ability tests – like grip strength and running and throwing balls  an official with the Koriyama city government said.. This stress was showing up in an increase of scuffles and arguments and even sudden nosebleeds among children as well as more subtle effects it is said.

“There’s a lot more children who aren’t all that alert in their response to things as well. They aren’t motivated to do anything doctors say.  Some are saying also that they wonder if it’s really all right to keep children in theFukushima area. But there are those who can’t leave and this is very unfortunate indeed. I feel for these people they are the poor of the area and they have no where else to go. This situation is one of the reason we all need to be prepared as we can be. So prepare and get ready for the unexpected. Why because disaster always hit when you least expect it to. 

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