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Dental First Aid Kit for the Prepper!

  I was sent this information from a friend of mine that is a dentist and felt that this was invaluable information for the Prepper since emergency dental care is …

Emergency Preparedness Health Care Check List

Here is a great list of Emergency Medical supplies you will need to have put away just in case things really go bad one day…           Health Care “GET”           Checklist: …

How to set up an Emergency Water Filtration System

        How To Set Up A Disaster Water Treatment System  Before you even get into an Emergency Water Need Situation you should set up your emergency water filtration system and use it …

Make Emergency Survival Medical Gear From Household Materials

Emergency Home Medical Supplies I will add more to this as time goes on 🙂 Enjoy… Disinfectant: Keeping the bad bacteria under control is one of the most important pieces …

Backwoods Hygiene Made Easy

Here are a few simple tips for staying clean while you stay alive. Soap Substitutes There are a few wild plants that have a natural soap in their leaves, roots, …

10 Survival Skills You Will Want To Learn and Know Well.

In todays world we have no idea when things are going to happen nor do we know what type of events might hit us unexpectedly either. So it is advised …

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