I was working on one of my projects this weekend when I looked around for a spare part I thought I have for an engine when it hit me. In need some extra part stashed in a simple faraday cage just in case. Now I have plenty of spare parts for thing but few of them are stored in faraday cages.

Any of you out there that live in the country know what its like to need a part and have to drive the 20 to 30 miles to town to get it. And it really sucks when its a simple 3 or 4 dollar part! But that’s the part that makes things work and you have to have it. So off to town you go. Farmers understand this on a monthly basis.  And to build a simple faraday cage can be a large trash can with a good fitting lid. Make sure you place some insulating material on the bottom of the can and around the walls of the can before you place your extra electrical components like emergency car electronics, radios, walkie talkies, and any other electronic devices you may want to have after an EMP attack. Not saying its going to happen but its possibility of happening is higher than an actual nuclear ground attack right now and every country that is our enemy is giving this some serious thought.

So making sure you store spare part is a must in more ways than one. While everyone else in down because the grid has went down means you can get way out of doge if you need to or it can simple mean that you’ll be the one left after everyone has went crazy which is predicted for the first 6 to 12 weeks after an EMP strike.

Think about it what would work after an EMP strike. No water pumps to pump local water to it customers, no electricity for anything banking credit card machines internet, nothing! Be prepared and you can do this at TheCrowsPlace.com on the 28th of this month! We have everything from potassium chloride tablets to emergency gear of every type. And I mean every type!

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