I came here a little over a thousand years ago. If you look through your history books you would find pictures of me here and there but that is not why I am here today. You see we have a problem. And that problem unfortunately is you. We have watched you for along time now and your species which is in many ways part of our species. You see our species was dying but through the use of our technologies we found ways to keep our species alive. But in your case your technologies are still way to young to do what we have done technologically. Those whom your forefather called the God’s were really us. We have been working with your species ever since the beginning and will continue to do so fore millennia’s into the future. You see you are our genetic pool. In order for our species to continue on we have shall we say mixed our genetic with your . But at the same time we are helping your species survive what is to come. You see you don’t have to long now before things on this planet you call earth are going to get bad. You have changed many thing you shouldn’t have but this is ok. Your society has to learn from its mistakes. Until you understand that you don’t need polititions to keep things going then your species will grow by leaps and bounds with our help. Your ways of war are detrimental but have become part of your way of life. Our species has no need for money because we work together as a wjhole to forfill particular needs. We receive our nutrition and need for free but are still ded icated to purpose because we are doing it for the continuance of our existences and species. But there are others working with those who run your planets currency’s who are at the heart of control of everything on your planet. They are also not from this earth as I a not. But their agenda is different than ours. We must survive and your species must as well. W have already taken the genetics of your people and spread them to many other location around the galaxy. Just as you at first were placed here. You see the earth is a sweet spot in space and many civilization have come here for longer that man has been around. Your species has to change your ways or your are going to destroy what planet you have left. Work together as a species and don’t come out into space with your warring ways or you will loose. learn to work together as one. Put away your petty ignorant prejudices and fears and learn to embrace the only one thing that is truly a constant “Change”. We have been here longer than you and our species has never caused as much damage to this planet as your species has in less than 2000 years! Learn to accept who and what you are. Simply put your the Alien you have been looking for. educate yourself and become the being that is inside of you trying its best to claw its way out. Your religions have been polluted by those who only seek power over your minds and spirits. By learning how to break free of these bonds you learn how to find yourself. There is a bigger community than just that of earths. The question is do you want to become a part of it. You can you know. We will come to those who seek us.

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