I am working with one of my patients here. what a blessing to be able to do this for people. I am truly blessed.

We all need to learn how to help one another not hate one another. Learn to heal yourself of the sorrows you may have in your heart.

For many year now I have walk this world watching our societies and the way few really care about what is really going on. Maybe because it was the way I was raised and those who helped me understand that there was another waqy to live life instead of taking and partying all of the time. These elders taught me how to live a more balanced life than I was. But now that I am older I understand their teaching more than ever. I understand the cycles of nature and myself which few even try to understand. The seasons of our lives we have forgotten even though we are connected to them in ways most never understand. When one begins to understand that the life society is living right now is nothing but destructive to the individual and our planet. It is important that all of you understand that the time of great change, the quickening as we call it is upon us. We are at the point of either advancing and becoming a peoples of peace and harmony and understanding. Or we can go the other way and have total destruction  because this will be the out come. How do I know this. Easy I talk with the spirits everyday. I pray for the earth and my ancestors and I watch Mankind from the observers point of view. I ask guidance from the great spirit who gives this guidance freely to all who seek it once you understand how to listen. Answers do come in the wind, they fly oin the wings or our winged brothers and sister as it always has. In my visions I have see our country torn apart by the whitemans ways. Understand that we can no longer turn our backs on our planet or mother nature any longer. If we do she will and is beginning to turn her back on us. I pray that all of you learn to step back and see what is really going on around you. Take the steps to help stop the madness that our children are going to inherit. Polititions and governemnts really do not give a flying Fuck about what you think or care about. The system is simply a machine that is mowing over everything and anything have dealing with the truth. If you want the truth of things go to a lodge and listen to your elders explain how we are suppose to be acting as care taker of this earth and one another. We need to take back that which is honorable and respected. We need to once again rebalance ourselves before we try to help others rebalance themselves. The process is not hard but the process wakes you up to the reality of who and what you really are. You are truly part of a whole and that whole is the planet and all life that lives upon it. We are not separate from one another. So now is the time for all Spirit warriors to come together and once again stand up to that which is coming. And always remember that we are all eternal beings. We do not die! All we do is transition from one world into another. We can be in two places at one time. I do it all of the time. Learn to live in peace but always be ready to stand your ground when the time come. Do not fear, do not hate. Learn to give back to that which has kept us all alive for so long. Our one and only home Mother earth. And always remember to thank you relatives because these are the closest spirt being to you. They can help you make the changes you need to make. The spirits advice is always better and stronger than mans.

May you all live with the sould purpose of becoming one with what is.


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