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I have been watching our establishment for a long time now and the truth of the matter is they do not want you to wake up out of the imposed sleep and slumber that so many generation have gone through. The facts are more and more individuals are waking up and realizing that the main stream media has been designed to keep everyone in fear and unstable. We have been taught to follow the leader for much to long now. What is important right now it for each and everyone of you to take the time to step back and see what is really happening. Once you have done this and understand what the deceptions are all about then you can re empower yourself to do just about anything you want. And I mean anything! Our past generation were taught not to ask question and not to buck the system that has been put into place well I say this is exactly what we need to do to create and better type of society. We as individuals have never been taught to find out who we really are we have only been taught to follow the status quo. We can no longer afford to do this because these idiots we call politicians have no idea of what they are doing to us and the planet. They are literally killing us both. We have now come to a time in our species evolution where we are beginning to see through the entire smoke and mirror process they have designed for us to follow. We can now see that we are far more than our churches or government wants us to  and because of this we are now beginning to free ourselves from the Matrix they have created. It doesn’t work anymore simply because there are to many glitches as you well know.

We are now realizing that we can open up our senses and mind to encompass everything we know. We also now know that we have been designed to develop into being of unbelievable abilities and more. We can no long accept what is going on in our world and we must everyone of us do our best to stop the insanity of our governments and controllers. Time to wake up and let go. Only then can we be fee from the tyranny of those who are trying to control our world. You see being spiritual doesn’t mean being a pacifist!

So I challenge you all to become what you were meant to be!

Free and powerful beings!

Never settle for the mediocre life style!!

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  1. Voncile says:

    Very scary thought. I am glad my wife and I have OnStar in our vehicles in case of an emnregecy. We both have cell phones, but still keep the OnStar service.

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