What is it going to take for all of you to understand that what is happening with our planet and political situation will be the death of humanity in the long run. Your planet is trying its best to rebalance itself while we all set on our asses and enjoy our big screen TV’s and everything else there is that can distract you from doing what really needs to be done. Our children future at the rate things are going right now looks darker than ever. I have just had two new grand children myself and I have asked myself what type of future are they going to have if things keep going the way they are right now. It seems being politically correct is what is fucking up everything around us. I have always said I am a very spiritual person but I  a  realist at the same time. We have to be. I say this to each and everyone of you that if you don’t get off you butts and start getting involved fighting those who care not about your future or the futures of your children then you deserve what you get when they come knocking at your door asking for your weapons and your freedoms. We can all be extremely spiritual people but if your not willing to step up to the plate and fight then your spirituality is false in many ways. No planet no us its that simple. Spiritual people have to learn to stand up and fight right along with everyone else or simply shut up and quite you whining. Your little peace love dove attitudes is exactly what the power that be want. It is time for every single one of us spiritual people to also stand up and be counted right along with the rest of the population. The aliens aren’t going to come down and save everyone, nor is god going to come down and scoop up all of the good people. We are meant to be going through all of these challenges so we can learn what not to do next time around. Get some balls and stand up for what is right and understand that sometimes we have to put our ass’s on the line to make the changes that are needed. Its time to step up not step down and back because you are afraid. Its time for the people of this wonderful country and world to stand up against those who are trying to control every aspect of yours and your children future. Time to get some balls and do what is right! If we don’t fight for what is right then our future generation will have nothing and they can only look back on us as parents and grand parents and ask “What Happen”!

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