Oh my God! You have to read this. This is directly from the ABC Radio as it say. Now remember that Plutonium is highly radioactive and WILL KILL YOU! But here it is just like I promised I went and checked it out. This is truly unbelievable and a 100% lie. If you ate this much plutonium you would die in a very short period of time, Guaranteed! This is our main stream media again. All Puppets on a string!

Gov’t Experts: It was Reactor 2 explosion that released plutonium from Fukushima
plant; Highest levels found over 20 km away — ABC Radio: Professor on TV said
“32 grams of plutonium could be ingested with food without danger of death” stimates of the radioactivity released for [plutonium and other transuranium elements] remain rough due to the lack of a sufficient body of measurements and information on the actual condition of the damaged reactors. […] Their presence in the environment due to the accident has not been easy to detect […] neptunium-239 […] in the village of Iitate proves without doubt that trans uranium radionuclides were released by the Fukushima accident. This is also confirmed by the interpretation of certain results of plutonium measurements taken in the soils northwest of the Fukushima Dai-ichi site […] all these values were obtained at points located within the main fallout zone extending to the northwest makes it possible to attribute this plutonium to releases from reactor 2 after its containment was damaged by the hydrogen explosion on March 15 […] The highest values for 238Pu were measured more than 20 km from the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, at points 3 and 4 northwest of Namie and south of Iitate.

 A quick TV appearance by a Professor Narabayashia who is a member of the Nuclear Safety Commission did nothing to help dispel ours and your doubts either. He said in his statement that up to 32 grams of plutonium could be ingested with food without danger of death.   Independent scientists believe that even 1/1,000,000 of a gram of Plutonium would trigger lung cancer.

So there you have it folks a good ol government paid scientist saying its ok to eat Plutonium! WOW! I mean what can you say after that… And you know the problem here many will believe it….

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