Before you even start please excuse my spelling or syntax This is what I call a Brain Storming article. I write what ever comes to mind. it’s more of a free flow concept.

Are We Getting Ready For A Pole Shit?

We already know for a fact that the north pole is so erratic now that scientist are wondering WTF is going on. There are so many different theory’s on this that for all sakes and purposes I have decided to say to heck with them and look at something else that would indicate that this was going to happen. So I thought that if this was going to happen the scientist of our planet would want to have our governments know that it was going to happen. So lets say they did. What would the governments of the world do. Well first off having worked with many in that deep dark world of need to know as far as the government goes and I know for a fact that they wouldn’t tell anyone about it until we figured it out for ourselves. Then they would say “Oh yea buy the way”. But they would create and implement programs to begin the process of getting ready.

     So here we are… If you have followed our governments purchase of millions of rounds of ammunition by DHS, 11 million dollars worth of antibiotics bought by the CDC, the training of around 180,000 UN troops in America and they have to learn English and how to use American military weapons and security technology, All FEMA camps are now 100% operational, 2800 armored Police & rescue vehicles ordered and now in place, all DHS agents have to be qualified with side arm, shot gun, and AR15’s. We know also that the U.S. and Russia are working together on a new type of global GPS system that is not based on the earths magnetics. And lets wonder about the over 500,000 disposable coffins being stored around the country and near or at FEMA camps sites. These caskets are capable of holding several bodies at once. One of my investigators said that they actually looked family sized. Boy what a chill I got.

     Every power on the planet is jostling for control over specific geographical areas. Every government on the planet is planning to develop massive underground structure or they already have been building them. Some of these underground systems are COG bases or DUM bases as we know. It’s funny though that the U.S. government is basically the only one who hasn’t built any type of underground complexes for the civilian population. But of course we know they have their special lists of scientist, doctors, surgeons, technicians of every type imaginable as well as members of all of the trades I would imagine. Now these are just running thought patters that are coming to me as I write this. Oh yes I have found out several months ago that FEMA, DHS, and other agencies are buying up all of the emergency food supplies they can get their hands on. And they are doing it through most of the civilian emergency preparedness and survival sites on the internet. Now I’m not saying lets get paranoid here but lets be real and look at the facts. And the facts are saying that something is going to happen and they know its coming and they are getting ready for it.

Ok now lets look at the scientific evidence that is mounting and saying that something big is on the way planet wise. Its has been reported that during the fukushima earthquake and disaster the planets actual axis was shifted by over eight feet. Ok if this is the case then when the earthquake struck the Indonesian areas and yes the one that killed over 200,000 people in a 24 hour period. Had to done at least that as well. As far as shifting our axis. Now we have to assume the anything over a 6 on the Richter scale would have some type of effect on the axis as well. Ok so far we could be looking at a 16 foot shift in our planets axis. Doesn’t sound like much but over a distance of thousands of miles that makes a hell of a difference. And these type of earthquakes are happening more and more. As well as the smaller quakes but even these are increasing in frequency. Also every volcanic mega spot on the earth is becoming more active and Yellowstone is a good example of this. So as we can see things are happening.

      The north pole is now heading towards Russia at and unprecedented speed never before seen in recorded history. More volcanoes are becoming active period across the earth. Our planets magnetic field has been weakening and has been on a steady down decline for over 100 years now, the only problem here is over the last 30 years that speed has increased quite drastically. Now a spot in the south Atlantic that was once a very small magnetic anomaly now encompasses the entire south Atlantic, three quarters of south America, and is now looking like it is even working its way towards south Africa. The magnetic field in this area is getting very weak. Even intercontinental flights are being diverted around certain areas as well as being told to fly at lower altitudes to avoid dangerous levels of radiation. You see increased radiation levels indicate a weakening in the planets magnetic field.

I want to also look at what some of the northern native peoples have had to say about this. Through interviews and many videos I have seen on these people who have lived in one area of the planet for as long as anyone can remember. They are now saying that the wind that their forefather and themselves used to hunt with are now blowing the opposite direction! Wow… These villagers are also say those who live and hunt on the ice and use the sun and natural land marks to guide them along on their long hunts for food are now seeing the sun is rising in a different place! I have triple checked this information and it is true. Several villages in the northern countries have said that when they were young the sun would rise and set before one of the mountains they use as a land mark. Now it sets on the opposite side of the mountain. Now I think that these villagers of these villages’  that have been living in these areas know what they are talking about.

     The question is why isn’t our scientist and governments telling us this. Oh they know, and they are preparing and they also know they can’t save everyone. If you think about it you know this is the case. That’s why we must prepare ourselves for what ever we can.

So with all of this information and yes there is more where do we stand with the pole shift situation. Ok here we go.

      Facts are we are already in the process of a pole shit. I believe this would also help explain all of the weird weather pattern we have been having across the planet possibly. Our sun also has an effect on the weather as well. So if our planets axis is off more than they are letting on and our magnetic field is weakening more and more as we know it is. Doesn’t it make sense that now a different part of our planet is being warmed therefore our planet would actually have to reset or rebalance itself. So during this time our weather patterns, magnetic fields and everything else would also have to ret or rebalance themselves. Now we know all planetary structures eventually loose their magnetic fields over time. And yes this could be what is happening to us right now. Think about it the increase of skin cancers across the entire planet is up some 200 freaking or more percent. And the WHO has announced this year 2014 that cancer has risen in the last 20 year 58%  globally! That’s an insane amount of increase in such a short period of time.

     So we have a weakening magnetic field, more and larger earthquakes, increased volcanic activity around the planets, totally changing weather patterns globally, governments around the world getting ready and preparing for obviously something big. And we have the increases of all types of cancers and other diseases as well.

Could a polar shift on top of an axis change create everything that is happening planetary wise? Your damb right it could. Now I’m not even talking about the warming oceans either.

     But it’s  obvious that our governments are worried about the political, and monetary changes that are taking place because these are the things that control us. But if our planet is changing in ways that we can’t change or stop the powers that be will not tell you . Thing will happen as they are right now. And the full effect of the smoke and mirrors routine would be and is in full operation. Now remember these are just random thoughts flying here but they are beginning to make a whole lots of sense. Distraction it the key word here. We all know something is coming and there is a thousand theory’s out there to consider but what are the signs saying. This is what this article is all about. Our planet is changing our friends so we need to change as well. Learn to adapt and improvise be one of the ones who is ready and knows what to do when things begin to go haywire. And believe me that time is about to hit us I feel.

I hope you have had a fun time reading this because I have had a great time brainstorming with you! And look forward to doing it again. It was suggested by one of our readers and it sounded good to me… Have a great day!



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