Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean

What’s Really Going On?

We all know that the governments of Japan and the United States have been withholding the true facts of the spread of radiation through out the Pacific Basin. Fortunately I have been able to interview many people who have been watching the fukushima situation from the ground over there. And it isn’t anywhere near what the main stream media has been saying. I watched two videos again from ABC and NBC and couldn’t believe what I was seeing .

Blatant video lying as I call it. The showed a very nice and clean and intact reactor four of the power plant that did what you may ask? “It blew up and in the process took the whole roof of the reactor chamber which held the spent fuel rods as well”!

So how could their video footage show such a clean building with workers all dressed up in their nice clean uniforms and mask’s. Also in the video you can see an intact roof and a nice clean white cylindrical container they say they are moving the fuel rods with on a intact crane. This is all bogus. I have seen pictures and videos of a single crane with its boom extended all of the way to the buildings ripped apart roof doing its best to extract the radioactive fuel rods.

I have also read some government reports from the nuclear regulatory commission where one of their top people said they believed the spent fuel rods that were in the collapsed pool had been destroyed when the plant blew up. This is true because they admitted that pieces of the fuel rods that were in the cooling pool was found several hundred feet away from the reactor pool. In the conversation they even admitted that the walls of the containment pool had been damaged and there was no water in it at all! So with this in mind we have to assume the wore. The we find out that cracks have appeared in the ground around the plant possibly up to a kilometer away that are releasing radiative steam under high pleasure. So just these simple facts show you that the videos that ABC and NBC were showing were definitely not the number four power plant there. It might have been one of the other intact units there or one of the other plants just down the coast from there but it wasn’t the number four reactor spent fuel rod pools.

You have to really do your own investigating now to find the truth of things especially when I come to our governments telling us the truth. Above I have posted a radiation map of where the radiation has already been and we know this from the radiation reading from areas the sea and west coast of California and the dead and dying sea life now washing up on or beaches from Alaska to south America. Something that has never been see or recorded to this magnitude ever! Our ocean is in serious trouble and they are not telling you the truth but we will. The below map shows you the radiation symbols that give you the true radiation reading of these areas. Scientific instruments don’t lie when there are so many of them giving the same reading. Unfortunately the radioactive water racing into the ocean from the nuclear plant can not be stopped simply because they don’t know how to stop it yet. Some say it might take ten years to stop. But by that time our pacific ocean could be past the point of no return for us anyway.

But lets all pray that some how a miracle will occur.  

I just hear also and I will check this out better but it seems that ABC has released some information that say, ” It is ok to ingest up to 32 grams of Plutonium! Are they freaking crazy! Like I said I will check this out more… If they really have said this or even published it in any way they need their broadcasting lic. pulled…


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