So do I believe that Obama himself also knew of this situation with his half brother? Oh hell yea! Our government and the imposed Matrix we live in has come to the point of insanity.

But the good thing is an individual can disconnect from this illusion they have designed and created for us. Between the control factors of the main stream media, religion, and imposing governments and intelligence agencies most people are still asleep… but many are beginning to wake up.

The Elite know what is happening and they are getting ready, bracing for it.  Eventually things will come to a head and that’s when you will see the controllers of this Matrix head for their holes in the ground. That’s when Chaos will rain for a time and a new society will emerge. Then we will wait for these rats to once again come out of their hole so we can deal with them appropriately. But before they go down they are going to create wars everywhere they can.  They are going to turn governments against one another as well and they are doing that right now. They are placing their chess pieces on the global board getting ready for the final fight which we will see within our life time. Prepare and get ready for a brave new world heading our way….’ and its approaching fast, very fast as a matter of fact.

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