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Thinking into the future one day I found myself pondering the development of mankind as we know him.

After spending 60 years searching and researching everything I could find dealing with the origins of man I found something very interesting.  Man has seemed to miraculously develop while everything else on the planet pretty much stayed the same. Why, I asked myself?  Once again I was off on another search. I have been trained as a Shaman and know what I know about the development of man. But proving that scientifically is another thing. Finally over these sixty or so years the evidence pointed to only one thing; and that one thing was that we had  to have had help genetically to become the beings we are today. I also understood that certain controlling factors of society didn’t want us to know that. Over the ages our churches, and I mean churches of every kind, have made sure that everyone understood that anything unusual or “mystical” that happened was a “divine” event or message from the gods.  In all reality they were orders or messages from those who helped us become what we are today.

The facts are written in almost, and I would even go as far as to say, all ancient religious and spiritual tombs.  Every legend on the planet dealing with where we come from says we were either made here or we were brought here many millions of years ago. We can see the experiences from our ancestors points of view written in these ancient writings, carvings, hieroglyphics and more.


So with all of the evidence that has been collected over time why doesn’t the population of this planet, us, stop and think about that for a moment. Why? Well, because this is the new paradigm our species has been looking for and it has been right under our noses all of the time.  Shamans and Medicine men and women around the world have known this for thousands upon thousands of years. Even though we look up into the night sky hoping to see something fly across the horizon and hoping it is an alien, we forget that “out there” is where we have come from. Once have we de-programmed ourselves from the mainstream educational, governmental, and religious systems the flood of Truths, Hidden Knowledge and information will free our minds  and advance our spirits forever. Once this happens you are no longer a part of the Matrix.

The New paradigm I am talking about is the fact that we actually are the aliens we have been looking and waiting for. Our genetics are a mix of theirs and ours. Every single one of us has been genetically designed. Some more than others. It’s been proven that some of them are following genetic line and their development. It seems that during the years from 1947 to 1954 or 55 another wave of engineering was afoot. These alien cultures have been working with and among us for a long time now and it has been kept a secret since the beginning. You see, the governmental and religious structures were designed to control us both physically and emotionally/spiritually. And boy, did the system work for thousands of years! That was until we evolved to the point of understanding the whole picture. My friends, we are the aliens we have been looking for. Want we have to do now is let our intelligence go and do what is necessary, as a species, to stop all the crap that is going on right now by simply not participating in any governmental or religious programs unless they are designed for the benefit of mankind. That means that they are good for the Planet and our children’s children future. Your Country Needs You

So if you understand what I am saying here then you also understand that changing anything takes a massive amount of people doing exactly the same thing all over the planet at the same time. It was beginning to happen during the “Occupy Wall Street” time period but it lost energy and fizzled away for a while. The reason our planet’s societies are in turmoil right now is because all of the old systems of spiritual and governmental control OVER OUR MINDS/SENSES are beginning  to break down and a new consciousness is coming to be. We are, right now, consciously evolving quicker than ever before in history. Facts are, my friends, we don’t need disclosure because it has already happened! If you’re awake then you know what I mean. Disclosure has already happened.

Oh yea do you know when a government official is lying about UFO’s?

He denies it!

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