Finally here’s William WhiteCrows 100% Natural First Aid Spray!

White Crow

WhiteCrow has finally agreed to mass produce his Backwoods Emergency First Aid Spray for all to have. That’s right the First Aid Spray that is 100% Natural and has been used for over 30 years with excellent results in every area it has been used.

This emergency first aid spray started out as an old reciepe from one of the elders that helped teach him how to make the spray. He has over the years perfecting the spray and it has now been used for over 30 years by friends, family, and those who have contacted him for the spray. It has been used on everything you can dream of including animals of every type. It kills 99% of bacterium, viruses, and anything else for that matter. It is a blend of over 16 different medicinal herbs that have been used for thousands of years by Shamans and Medicine men and women across the world. Below are some of the things it has been used on over the 30 years it has been on the market. It is used only as a topical application.

All types of Insect Bites – All types of Minor Burn, Cuts, and Abrasions. No See’ems, Poison Oak after you have gotten it, Flea Hot Spots on your Animals. Skin Infections, Scratches, Rashes, and much, much more! It can and has been used on everything from humans to every type of animal, pet, livestock and more. This truly is a mus- have if you are a serious country boy or girl or an avid Hunter, Hiker, Sports Enthusiast, Gardener, Rancher, Natural Medicinal Practitioner, Fisherman, or Animal Lover. Even doctors have recommended this 100% Natural Emergency First Aid Spray! WOW! So if your looking for that one of a kind 100% Natural Backwoods First Aid Spray then look now further! Why? Because it’s here now!

If you are interested in acquiring this one of a kind 30 year tested First Aid Spray then contact us for it at and we will send you all of the information you will need to get some.

Our store will have it on the site when it opens on February 28th 2014! So if you want it please contact me at the above email address and I will make sure you’re the first ones on the list of customers who want it even before we are putting it on the web site!

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