What’s it going to be like when it’s too late to do anything about the next disaster like this one. Almost every single nuclear power plant built is over an aquifer. right now at Fukushima, cracks are appearing around the disaster site. some are  up to 1 1/2 kilometers away and pressurized radioactive steam is coming up out of them. It is no secret now that at least 1 of the 3 reactors that have had melt down has gone into what we call a “full china syndrome melt down”. This is when the core of the reactor has melted through everything that was containing it and melted even through the earth down to the water table where it does its thing…. Contaminating the aquifer, the ground, the air and everything around it. The accident they had in Russia was nothing like this. This accident we can do nothing about until the technology is built that can help us stop what is happening. But since we have a full melt down there is nothing we can do. We just can’t pour concrete over It, like in chernoybl… Not with this disaster… Our Pacific ocean, as of right now, is seriously contaminated. no matter what the arm chair scientist and reporter are saying. Facts and our west coast scientists are now saying that there has been a massive jump in dead and dying sea creatures on the Pacific’s sea floor. Normally around 1% of the ocean’s floor is covered with dying sea life… But now scientific studies and research say that around 98% of the sea floor is covered with dead or dying sea life…WTF! The key to this here is the timing. Some say it’s global warming but this isn’t the case, I believe. This happened after the fukushima disaster… not before. And now our west coast scientists are saying that we are going to have higher levels of radiation coming our way for decades…. Maybe hundreds of years.  in Japan now if you try to make this public you will be tossed in jail. They have passed laws concerning this now. Well all I have to say is prepare, prepare, and prepare! I will be teaching classes over the internet this year so keep watching for the info on that here.

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