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“Radiation and its Effects on You!”

Ever since the Fukushima Accident I have been watching the radiation counts across the Pacific Basin and the west coast of the United States and they are on the rise …

Intellegence Reports

  So do I believe that Obama himself also knew of this situation with his half brother? Oh hell yea! Our government and the imposed Matrix we live in has …

WhiteCrow’s 100% Natural Frist Aid Spary

Finally here’s William WhiteCrows 100% Natural First Aid Spray! WhiteCrow has finally agreed to mass produce his Backwoods Emergency First Aid Spray for all to have. That’s right the First …

Realisticly Speaking

  Thinking into the future one day I found myself pondering the development of mankind as we know him. After spending 60 years searching and researching everything I could find …

Fukushima Update

What’s it going to be like when it’s too late to do anything about the next disaster like this one. Almost every single nuclear power plant built is over an …

Happy New Years Everyone. “I hope your new years has been the best ever!”

  I’m Back and better than ever! As most of you know I was hit hard by our loving gov hackers who wiped out almost everything I had up in …

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