Today a former US Treasury Official told King World News that the U.S. Federal Reserve is facing collapse, and is completely trapped at this point. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts also warned that the Fed is continuing to interfere in the gold market as they desperately attempt to implement a new global plan scheme to protect the dollar. Below is what Dr. Roberts had to say in this powerful interview.

Dr. Roberts: “How can the Fed stop printing money? If it stops printing money, the financial markets will collapse. And when the bond prices fall from the bond collapse, then the values of the debt related derivatives on the bank’s books fall, and the whole solvency problem comes back.

So everything the Fed has been doing all of these years to try to boost the solvency of the banks is wiped out if the bond market collapses. “I think the decline in gold and silver prices is due to intentional shorting in order to protect the dollar.  The Federal Reserve (is trapped), until it can get all of these other protective mechanisms in place, such as these trade agreements.  If the dollar price of gold is rising rapidly, it raises questions about the dollar’s exchange rate to other currencies, and thereby threatens the quantitative easing.

If the gold price is rising so rapidly, how can the dollar be worth the same amount of euros or Japanese yen or any other currency?  People then start saying, ‘It can’t be, because look at what’s happening to the bullion price.  We’ve got to get out of these dollars.’

“What people are seeing is an empire that is overextended, can’t pay for itself, even with its NATO puppet states, and that will not give up its drive for hegemony.  So it continues to overexpose itself and this causes it to do things that are unethical and illicit — Fix markets, lie, and the outcome of that is unpredictable.  So I think we face very unpredictable times.”

What do you think?

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