An Ocean Odyssey

As we all know our oceans are going through some serious shit. Growing dead zones and a few years back I was talking on a radio show when I brought up the subject of disease’s growing in our oceans. This I said can and I say now is affecting what we harvest our of our planets oceans and here it is now happening. And scientist are agreeing 100% with me. We have fished out over 80% of all fish populations on the planet and it seems that jelly fish will be the new king of the seas. But here’s some information on the shimp stocks of the world. And I love shrimp but I have been watching the prices steadly go up lately.Ad its due to what Diease! And its spreading fast!

A new disease in East Asia has cut Thailand’s shrimp output by as much as 40 percent, scientist are saying and business owners as well. Now Western restaurants and retailers are scrambling to make up the difference by raising prices and looking to new sources.The disease arrived in Thailand late last year after sweeping through China and Vietnam, severely reducing shrimp production in those countries. Now that the disease is affecting the world’s largest shrimp exporter, shrimp prices have been rising worldwide.The United States relies on Thailand for a quarter of its shrimp imports, which dropped 27 percent last year and another 23 percent between January and April.

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