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My title reflects many peoples hopes and wishes for the coming years. With our governments cracking down on many of our freedoms and the peoples of almost every country on the planet wanting to step away from their dictorial ways we find ourselves asking a few simple but very, very important questions. What can we do about it?

Well stepping away from the Matrix that has been set up for us isn’t as hard as one might think. No matter where you are or what you think they really don’t have any power over you if you are aware of what they are doing. We can all cercumvent their control factors simply because we are not part of their reality. Meaning we choose to be worried about everything they are doing because we have been trained to worry about basically everything. Facts are we are not going to be able to stop the rollercoaster that is heading down the tracks at break neck speed but what we can do is simply make the rational decision to ourselves step back and away from their agendas. And what I mean by this is we can choose to either accept what they have set up for us globally or we can work locally to make sure that we can all work together to make a differance within our own communities which would be different than their agendas. It is all up to us. Mainstream media is as you know one of the biggest problem we have. They print and show us only what the mainstream agendas are for those who think they are in control. States and other territories are now begining to say no to the Fed’s and we should all do the same. They are not here for our betterment, they are only here to control us so don’t buy into their fear machine. Thats how they control. By learning to help and except one another around the globe we can be the changes we are looking for. Circumvent the government and lets all learn to work together no matter what religion or belief systems we have. Learn to open yourself up to other possibilities that can and will take us all to a higher level of existance. Why? Because if you don’t then they have already won the cry game… Learn to accept yourself for who you really are and always remember you don’t have to be what other expect you to be. Learn to be yourself. Do what thou wilt least ye harm none! Educate yourself in something new, open your mind to other new and future possibilities and expectations for yourself. Live life and enjoy it. Turn off the main stream problems that really aren’t your own. Live in the now and not in fear. And remember we are the change we are looking for we just have to accept it. If you tired of your life situation then take steps to change it.

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