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Ahhhh. Summer at last! At least here. Its 109 here right now, “but it’s a dry heat!”.

 I know a lot of you out there are who are looking at yourselves, as I have so many times, and wondering what will be your next step in life. Many of you also have no idea what you want to do next. So I ask this question. What is it that you have wanted to do during you life?

Most people never really look into their own eyes and ask themselves why they are living lives that they don’t want any part of. To answer that I will tell you the answer. Fear! It is that simple. Everyone can come up with an excuse why they can’t do something but few come up with way they can accomplish the things they really want to do in life. A lot of people have, and you could be one of them,  forgotten what it is really like to “LIVE” their lives the way they really want to. Are you living your life the way you really want to? If not… why? A person doesn’t have to jump into their wanted life style with both feet all at once. It is possible to slowly integrate the life you want to life in the life you are living now. Most people forget that…

Here’s a cool technique you can use every day to help you get, shall we say, (“Your Shit Together…”) Take any mirror in your house that you like and walk up to it. But as you walk up to it I want you to look at yourself as you approach it. What do you see in yourself? Once you are there throw some cold water on your face and kind of just massage your face in the coolness of the fresh water. Do not dry your face; instead look up into the mirror and right into your eyes. Look at yourself for a moment. Now comes the fun part…  Make yourself laugh. Make a face at yourself. Think of a funny moment in your life and have a good memory and laugh and laugh good and hard. After this calm down a little and smile at yourself and say these words, ” It’s OK. You Can Do It. It Might Take Some Time, But I Can Do What Ever It Is I Have To Do.”  Now step back a little and look at yourself a little closer. What is the first thing you want to change about yourself or your life? Ask yourself what you really want to do with your life, your ways of thinking, and yes, even who you really are. Are you happy with the life you have right now? Do you have problems that you have carried around with you for years and want to let go? The important part here is to look yourself in your eyes and answer each question totally honestly. After asking these questions,  then take the appropriate action necessary to fix what ever it is you need to fix in your life. You see, we can’t lie to ourselves. So be totally honest with your answers and feel your emotions as you answer. If you feel you’re not asking yourself the right questions then ask other questions that have been bugging you. The questions I have listed here gives you a basic list of deep-rooted feelings. These are deep “wants to know” questions. By asking yourself these questions you will be building your foundation of personal facts that you have vocalized. See, this isn’t an “answer the questions in your head” thing. This is a personal exercise of seeking your own truths. By looking into your own eyes you are making a more personal and deeper connection with yourself. By doing this you can also see, over time, your spirit-body connection as well. I was taught this as a young man and it has served me well many times. Especially when one wants to get back on track with things and throw away a few bad things, or people, in their lives. By doing this exercise you can reset your personal standards of life and get back on track with what you should really be focusing on. You see, our world is full of distractions that takes us away from the road we should be traveling on; what ever that road is. This is also a great way to prepare yourself for practically anything you want to do. Athletes do this before they head out for the big game and it works. This is how you can harness yourself. I have listened to a few people that I have taught this to actually argue themselves out of something  by using this “look into the mirror and eyes” technique.  Believe me, it works! Also a great way to build your” I can do” confidence as well. So give it a try and empower yourself through yourself.

“Enjoy “!

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