Who Are We Really? I have had thousands of people ask me how I can live in this world and still be me. Well it really simpler than everyone thinks. The first thing one need to relize is that we are not everyone else. We are individuals working within a social structure that is now literally falling apart. To find ones self first we have to take a good look at ourselves and what we really want in this life.

See we are never really taught how to find who? Ourselves. We are always taught how to act, how to think, how to see things and this has been going on now for generations. Even our countries educational systems are failing to educate our childern the way they really need to be educated because the don’t look at the needs of the individual they only look at what the government tells them we need to be taught. Its that simple. This is why we as americans are 27th or lower on the global intelegence scale with south korea being number one. Its time for everyone to step away from the Matrix that has been set up for us and become the adventures that we want to be. Let take ourselves out of the mainstream bull shit and put ourselves into the mode of self relization and self education. We also have to understand that doing is always better then setti ng on our butts hoping for something better. Its time for doing not hoping that our government or some other agency will do it for us. Now is the time when many of us are eveolving past that which is happening today. We can see what is coming in the near future and we have to be ready for it personall, mentally, and spiritually if our families and us as well are to make it through the coming future events.

So take time our to breath and think without worrying about what others think about you or what you are doing. Because it will be for you not them. Self relization is the key to understanding what you as an individual really need.

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