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Being prepared is probably the best think an individual could do for themselves and their loved ones. Being prepared is simply an individual saying I see things that are happening and I’m going to get ready for it just in case. Right now many government agencies don’t want you to be prepared because they want you to totally depend on them. But we as people know better than simply depending on our government for the things we really need to do. Time and time again our government agencies expecially FEMa has never been there when they have been needed. Just like law enforcement most all of the time is never there when you reall need them. Most of the time we as the population have to deal with things ourselves in everything from crime to disaster by ourselves first. I have been in many disasters where you are the only one you can count on. So prepare yourself and family for the day when as we say Shit hits the fan. It could be natural, it could be man made. Either way times are a changing and its time for everyone to relize one simple fact. Authorities are normally trying to help after the fact. That means we are the one who are always at the disaster first or in it there for we are the ones that need to be prepared and ready for what ever it is that happens. Think about it, you deserve to be ready for anything coming your way. So prepare no matter what it takes prepare!

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