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This is the time of year when alot of different type of illnesses hit us. Spring to summer and then in the fall is when we al get hit hard. Preventing illness is the key to all of our health issues. And with all of the contaninates the are in everything from our foods to our drinking water scientist say we are being hit from every possible direction as far as unhealthy events and things go. We are seeing higher levels of radiation and polutants in everything we drink and eat. So it is up to us to try and help ourselves in different ways because the doctor is only there for ya after your sick in most cses. Preventitive Medicine is the best medicine and I don’t mean the medicines that are coming from behind your pharmacist counter. I mean eating healther in every since. And this to means whatching out what you get at your local farmers market as well. I just finished listening to a few radio shw hosts taling about the food they had just gotten from their local farmers market. They said its taste had changed and everything wasn’t up to their farmers market standard. Well my dear friends just because its at the local farmers market doesn’t mean that the local farmer used heirloom seeds and in many cases they don’t. Many still use fertilizers manufactured by the big companies which are chemical in nature and they are not using old school fertilizers like regular manure from animals around teir own local areas. If you go to the local farmers market ask and make sure these peole are using only natural ferts and seeds that are not genetically modified. Then you will find your vegies and other things will fore sure taste better in everyway. So always remember if the local growers are using Monsanto’s seeds then your getting the same thing you would normally get from your local corperate stores who by in bulf from who else but the big corperate farmers who are using fertilizers that ae not natural in nature. Facts are facts natural fertilizers give your vegies the tastes and nutrients your looking for. Go organic all of the way. We have.. And always remember that the warmer the tempretures get the more illnesses such as the flu grows large and more potent as time goes on. A good pumped up immune system is our best defence against anything and everything.

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