Winters Daze

Well here we are climate changing at break neck speeds and our scientist once again know what to do but those who control most things within their scientific programs care not. They could have done something in the 60’s and 70’s to beginin the changes we need but as normal the right corperate monies went into the right political pockets and now our childern will pay for it in the long run. We can see things happeing so fast now that being prepared for future events are more important now than ever before.

I have decided to talk about our planets jet stream which it the one thing that brings our weather to us in many different ways. I have just finished recieving information from sevral scientist that have been doing the same thing I have been doing watching the jet stream across our planet. And it isn’t don g what it normally does. Over the last three years scientist are now saying that the jet stream isn’t acting right. My answer to that is duuhhh! It has been wobbling all over the place this is why our countries weather patterns through out the midwest and southwest are going crazy. The jet stream changes are so importantbecause they are warning us of some very major changes heading our way planetary wise. And my dear friends this is just the begining. Sure our planet does have cycles but they are changing faster than ever and now scientist are saying that the only thing we can do now is adapt to them. Hell even Obama our countries great dictator is trying to jump on board the fix it train and act like he is doing something about it, but he can’t really. The changes that are taking place rigt now will cntinue on for another hundred years or so at least scientist are saying. Our so called president should have taken actions when he said he was during his first election but he has only followed the Bush’s agenda to the “T”.  Our jet stream is only a reminder of one thing. Our planet is in trouble and if it is in trouble then we are to. Do some research and check out how our jet stream used to work and how it is working today and you’ll understand things at a much deeper level. It moves our weather and everything about it is changing in ways never expected or thought of. Become a jet strean watcher and you’ll be able to predict your weather better than the weatheman we do here…Its time to vote against anything that is going to harm our ecological systems why? because if we don’t now our children and grandchildren will have no tpe of stable future. Fatc’s are facts before 2050 I predict the only large animals left in the wild will be in zoos! We are right now in the middle of one of our planets largest extinctions and we are on that list as well as everything else. You have to love those who are saying”Oh That Can’t Happen To Us”! Tiemt to wake up and get really. Time to prepared, adapt, and improvise! Get ready folks thing are changing and they are going to start changing alot faster now…


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