This Is Not A Picture Of The Yellowstone Volcano. It Is A Picture of Mt. Shasta Volcano Though. It’s growing as well…

Yellowstone’s underground volcanic plumbing is bigger and better connected than scientists thought, researchers reportedKnowing the volume of molten magma beneath Yellowstone is important for estimating the size of future eruptions

A clearer picture of Yellowstone’s shallow magma chamber emerged from earthquakes, whose waves change speed when they travel through molten or solid rock. Farrell analyzed nearby earthquakes to build a picture of the magma chamber.

The underground magma resembles a mutant banana, with a knobby, bulbous end poking up toward the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park, and the rest of the tubular fruit angling shallowly southwest. It’s a single connected chamber, about 37 miles (60 kilometers) long, 18 miles (30 km) wide, and 3 to 7 miles (5 to 12 km) deep.

Previously, researchers had thought the magma beneath Yellowstone was in separate blobs, not a continuous pocket.The shallowest magma, in the northeast, also matches up with the park’s most intense hydro thermal activity. The new study is the best view yet of this zone, which lies outside the youngest caldera rim.

Additional molten rock, not imaged in this study, also exists deeper beneath Yellowstone, scientists think.

This area they are talking about on the eastern end has been rising steadily for several years now and one end of the lake is getting shallower because of the rising land beneath the lake.

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