Two years later, the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan may be affecting the health of young children in San Diego. Stillbirths are up globally. One can hardly fathom the effects the ongoing disaster must be having on people in Japan, young and old…
the current fleet of operating plants in the US should be
phased out because regulators can’t guarantee against an accident causing widespread land contamination. In two key decisions last week Jaczko said the agency “damaged significantly” its international reputation for upholding safety and he accused the five commissioners of “just rolling the dice” in dealing with severe accidents.’ There may be hope for humanity yet!
the measured 137Cs concentrations in surface waters ranged from 1.8mBq L-1 to 3500mBq L-1, up to 3500 times higher than the global fallout background, although the cruise track did not go closer than 30 km from the coast. […] The elevated 137Cs levels covered an area of around 150 000 km2 (south of 38°N and west of 147° E). […]

The contribution of 137Cs, 129I and 3H released from the damaged Fukushima NPP to the sea has been remarkable, as it has considerably influenced their concentrations in surface seawater as well as in the water column of the NW Pacific Ocean. […]

The World Health Organization warns that young people are particularly prone to radiation poisoning in the thyroid gland. Infants face the direst consequences, as their cells divide at a higher rate.

Children who were under 18 when the nuclear disaster struck last year will be subject to continuous thyroid examinations every two years until they reach 20 years of age, and after that, every five years for the rest of their lives.

It is also believed that some children were exposed to “lifetime” doses of radiation to their thyroid glands, says a report by Japan’s Institute of Radiological Sciences.

Since the last year’s tragedy, Japanese authorities and TEPCO officials have repeatedly faced accusations that they withheld vital information about the radiation leak levels in the area and downplayed the real scale of danger.

Nor have the long-term consequences of the radiation’s spread been estimated yet. The latest research suggests that in a matter of five years, highly-contaminated ocean water from the area could reach the West Coast of the US.

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