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The H7N9 influenza virus Is circulating in China and Several Other Countries.

It’s the most lethal form of the virus they’ve seen in years, with one out of five infected patients dying from the illness.Lab workers at the Centers for Disease Control’s headquarters in Atlanta are working nonstop trying to develop a vaccine for H7N9.

So far those in China affected by the virus have had direct contact with infected but healthy-looking birds and there’s no evidence the virus is spreading between humans, but the strain could mutate into a form that makes it contagious.It could take a year or more to develop a vaccine, and once it is available patients will likely need two shots to build immunity.

In the meantime, the CDC is alerting doctors to be on the lookout for cases among travelers so patients who test positive can be isolated immediately.”There have already been two dozen travelers from China with severe illness in the US, we’ve tested them at CDC, all negative for this strain of flu,” Dr. Frieden says.

Unlike past strains of bird flu H7N9 is not making birds sick, so it is hard to tell where the virus is spreading and which type of bird is infected. If the virus does not mutate experts say H7N9 will likely not cause a pandemic.

So here we are with another Bird Flu but this time they are not jumping the gun and forcing people to take the vaccine’s “YET”. Let’s hope this strain doesn’t mutate. I have never got a flu shot and never will but that is my choice. Flu vaccines are notorious for side effects so we have to be wise and do our research on any of these new virus’s that are popping up now. One thing is for sure and that is one day one of these flu’s will mutate. Remember the Spanish Flu as they have called it. Took out 1/3 of the earths population at the time.

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