Right now my dear friends we are closer to Nuclear War than we have been in decades. But with this in mind we have to realize that the stories we are hearing in the main stream media are all lies They have already proven that they only print what is acceptable with their government peers. Our forces right now are scattered all over the world and, believe it or not, now would be the perfect time for a rouge nation to do something crazy. China and North Korea are still good ol’ pals no matter what you hear on the news. Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea are friends and will continue to flex their muscles because they know that together they can seriously affect our nation in many ways. Right now they are trying to force our hand. The U.S. is, and has been, known for quite some time now as a “bully nation” due to the paths our government has taken. Mark my words! At some point someone is going to push a button and shit is going to hit the fan. Unfortunately you and I, the little guys, will be left on the surface to deal with the aftermath. But we can do it and when the chicken shit assholes we call our government comes out from hiding we will be waiting for them! Let’s pray the war mongers work something out or World War 3 will take the next step forward. We are already in the first parts of this global war. This war will be fought by pushing buttons. The next will be fought with sticks and stones. Einstein’s words not mine…


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