Yes, again! Right here.. in Shasta County.. right over highway 44! That’s right! Last Wednesday night a couple from Redding California were driving back from Shasta College at  around 8:50 PM. when they noticed a strange firey object rising up into the sky. There was no sound! Below is the conversation I had with Ben over Skype. This is the complete conversation we had. I will bring you more info as I get it.

Ben has agreed to let me post our conversation here:

forgot to tell you..echo and i saw what appeared to be a ufo this last weds night around 8:50pm…we were on highway 44 comming from shasta college
[6:31:24 PM] William WhiteCrow: Awesome did you get any picts?
[6:35:10 PM] Ben Paris: no unfortunately..we were driving on highway 299 toward redding and echo and i saw this fire colored glowing light slowly rise up from what appeared to be just before I-5..when it rose up it was at a very slow rate and the direction was at an angle
[6:36:23 PM] Ben  Paris: when we drove under it there was no sound like a helicopter or other aircraft would have..it hovered for about 5 seconds then very slowly made its way north
[6:37:01 PM] Ben  Paris: i thought i saw something protruding out of it when we drove under it but i wasnt able to get a good look due to me being the one driving’
[6:37:53 PM] Ben  Paris: have you heard anything like that in this area?
[6:39:15 PM] William WhiteCrow: Two accounts of something similar. What was its shape
[6:39:33 PM] Ben  Paris: it was like a firey reddish orange color..it also caught be off guard cause i didnt notice any light glare off my windshield like a normal full spectrum avionic light would do
[6:40:05 PM] William WhiteCrow: Got Ya
[6:40:13 PM] William WhiteCrow: What was its shape?
[6:41:00 PM] Ben  Paris: didnt notice any particular shape per se..was just a glowing redding orange orb like object…very slow moving and very smooth in its motion
[6:41:49 PM] William WhiteCrow: Awesome I’ll keep my ears open for more reports. What direction was it going
[6:42:50 PM] Ben  Paris: it ended up heading in a north very slight north easterly direction after we saw it rise up from its area or origin
[6:42:57 PM] William WhiteCrow: Write all of this down and I’ll put it on my web site Ben
[6:43:08 PM] William WhiteCrow: I have a UFO Section cool
[6:43:55 PM] Ben  Paris: alrighty…was echos first time seeing anything like that..was interesting
[6:44:06 PM] William WhiteCrow: For sure
[6:44:18 PM | Edited 6:44:36 PM] William WhiteCrow: What direction was it going again
[6:44:35 PM] Ben  Paris: north north east
[6:44:47 PM] Ben  Paris: more northerly in direction
[6:45:02 PM] William WhiteCrow: Ok I getting all of this
[6:45:38 PM] William WhiteCrow: this is cool because the activity in our area has been pivking up alot. We re in the golden triangle as far as calif ufo activity
[6:47:09 PM] William WhiteCrow: You mother saw one a few weeks ago as well. And you know me I see them on a regular basis now with night vision.
[6:48:06 PM] William WhiteCrow: Hey Ben can I put the part of our coversation about the ufo on my site? If not thats ok
[6:48:41 PM] Ben  Paris: yep go for it
[6:49:26 PM] William WhiteCrow: Awesome it will be on ther in the next 20 to 30 minutes… Cool
[6:50:48 PM] Ben  Paris: mmk

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