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1. Control of thoughts. We must master our thoughts, particularly our train of thought.
2. Control of our actions. Here it is necessary, occasionally at least, to act in ways that are not precipitated by anything external.
3. Equanimity. People fluctuate back and forth between joy and sorrow. Thus we allow ourselves to be rocked on the waves of life. We must reach equanimity and steadiness. One must become steadfast and even-tempered.

4. Understand every being. Try always to approach what is wonderful in every phenomenon of outer reality. You will see that everything contains an aspect that can be affirmed.

5. Complete openness. Most people judge new things according to the old things they already know. But we must not confront a new communication immediately with our own opinion. We must instead always remain alert for the possibility of learning something new. We must develop the ability to listen, because it enables us to encounter matters with the greatest possible openness.

6. Inner harmony. We receive this after we have developed the first five keys.We must always continue to find balance within our lives… All of our lives. Slow down and enjoy the things we normal let slide by without even noticing…
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