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In Reality What Is The Matrix?

When the term Matrix came out in the movie of the same name most of us Shamans smiled to ourselves knowing that this was another movie that is talking about what we have been teaching for a long, long time. The Matrix has, over time, hidden so many truths behind lies, deceptions and, yes at times, even murder! The only thing they want over the masses is total control.  This is coming at a greater cost than they had expected during this period of time in history. The Matrix is a combination of mind sets, organizations, and political chess games. It’s all about resource control and our current dependence on the monetary system. It is that simple! The corporate institutions of the past are falling by the way side opening new doors for those newer more vicious corporations. The Reality of the Matrix is that they are, and have been controlling everything you see on TV. Believe it or not. The main stream media like News Networks, Newspapers, Main Stream Radio Programing, and More! They also have the ability to create and enforce laws that we the people have no decision in. They use fear to keep people in check as individuals so even though we are the many they keep you in check by saying they will put you in jail. This is the physical control or stick they use to make sure you do what they want. Now on the other hand we have religion that which controls the mind and even our thoughts of what happens to us after we die.

So as you can see, we have been conditioned to see things from the perspective that the controllers want us to see from… Their way!  This is the way of the Matrix. They have created an entire world of people who can’t even think for themselves now. Most are dependent on the system in one form or another and this system is global in nature. The battle they are fighting for right now is the battle for your mind. Your mind and heart are the battlegrounds now. Just as is the entire country of the United States; which, by the way, has been incorporated… Sorry if you didn’t know that. And we wonder why “they”, meaning the politicians in Washington, don’t pay attention to our Constitution any more.

So this is the Matrix. It is those who are trying their hardest to blind you of the reality of things like what is really happening to our planet right now, and why  so many people in the civilized world are getting sicker and sicker  when the so-called “uncivilized” people living in the  deserts, woods, and jungles of our planet  live their lives with few, if not any, of the diseases and illnesses we “civilized” people have to deal with. They have separated themselves from the Matrix in their hearts and minds. By doing this they are not affected by the same things the majority of the population is going through now. They are more in tune with the Earth and have been able to separate themselves from the “illnesses” of the rest of the world. We could learn many things by looking back into the past.

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