Your Bug Out Plan! What You Need To Know!

In today’s world of uncertainties natural disasters and the ever-present threat of some type of terrorist act it is wise to prepare ones self and family for any type of event that may totally disrupt yours and your family’s life. Hurricanes, Wild Fire, Floods, Tornadoes, tsunamis, Military and/or terrorist action, ( The two could be the same) are things that you have no control over so it’s wise to get ones, self together before as they say “Shit Hits The Fan!”

My dear friends right now I want to do some thinking. What are you going to do if things start to go crazy in your area. So here are some real good pointers for your Bug Out Plans.

First have 3 locations to Bug Out to. Call each of these people or places and make sure that their place can be used as a Bug Out Location. Make sure that you get along with these people so there will be no problems when things happen.

Always Have Your Bug Out Gear ready to go. If you don’t have your mini pack with you make sure you carry your main bug out gear in your vehicle where ever you go. It does pay off.

Now that you have your three Bug Out Locations start making plans for your bug out travel plans. You need to have Three Options For Bugging Out. These are to be safe routes out of your area just in case. These routes can be anything from roads out of your areas that you can drive out of but be sure to have other foot routes out of your areas as well just in case you can not use your vehicle.

These routes should not be going through any type of dangerous areas like gang territory or areas where there could be traffic bottle necks in your areas. Find quick back routes out of the disaster area.

Also you need to have safe areas within town to bug out to just in case you can’t make it home . These  are areas that everyone can meet up at if something happens and you’re in  town away from your home and main Emergency Supplies. Take this very seriously because you could be stranded for several days before you will be able to get home. Here I advise that you all get hold of some hand-held radios and/or CB radios for Emergency Communication just in case your regular phones and cell phones are out.

The next thing you will want to think about is your families and individual Bug Out Equipment and Gear. This is what we call your Bug Out Bags and Emergency Supplies for Bugging Out. This equipment is something every man woman and child should have no matter what their age. This Bug Out Gear will keep you alive when everything else around you is falling apart.

So this is what we are going to talk about next. You Bug Out Gear…

Your Bug Out Gear should have everything you will need for no less than seven days. Why do I say this? Because all you have to do is check out how long it takes the government to get out and help the masses.  Most of the time they don’t know your needs. In your Bug Out Gear you should always have “YOUR PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS!”  NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM OR YOU COULD BE IN SOME REAL TROUBLE!

In your Bug Out Gear make sure you have everything from Food, Emergency Medical Supplies, Fire Starting  Supplies, Plastic Bags, water purification Equipment, Lighting both Chemical and Flashlights with extra batteries. Also you will need some parachute core which can be used for anything; Water Containers, Sleeping Bag and Clothes which I always carry separate in a hand carried satchel that I can simply toss into my vehicle. If I have to bug out on foot then this gear is ready to through on my back and go!

So here are your basics for buggin out. Bu I say if you see things happening be sure to buug out ahead of time before its to late! Why because if marshal law is declaired you won’t be able to get out… So plan ahead and rely on your own abilities because you are the first one always on the scene of disaster weither it is man made or made by mother nature. Get Prepared before you can’t…


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