Pickled Eggs

Well, you’re not alone. When I first started preparing with my family I had to learn a whole new set of rules because I just wasn’t taking care of myself anymore. I had a family. I quickly learned that I needed to, at least, double my supply of everything and also add baby supplies to my list. It took time but we did it and all was well. Our food storage has saved us during some really hard times and we know it will again. We make sure we rotate everything every couple of years depending on how long a particular item can be stored and it was simple. As kids got older even they got in on the idea of suggesting items for storage. As you know they have different likes than we do most of the time. I suggest you go to your local Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, or other store that is like one of these and begin picking up the items you need cheaply. But start doing it now!

I have videos on YouTube that you can go and check out that will help you put together not only your own Bug Out Bag but how to plan for every aspect of bugging out, home preparedness, and the psychology of disaster, Chaos, and how to bug out the right way. I am also putting up a video on creating your own power the simple and easy way. Learn how to can food of every type. This way when things go on sale in your local store you can buy bulk; can it and it’s stored for those bad days to come. Always remember to store your personal items, toilet paper, medicines, and emergency first aid supplies. I have made a complete first aid kit from the local dollar store for under 15 bucks! And it was complete too… So that is what this preparedness section is all about.

“Preparedness”… I will be posting ideas, thoughts, videos, pictures, and other things that will help you prepare the cheapest but best way possible. Being prepared is something everyone needs to be. You never know when some type of disaster is going to strike whether it’s man made or mother nature made. It doesn’t really matter, prepare. You could lose your job and need all of your money to pay your bills and rent. A good food storage can hold you over for months at a time until things get better if you do it right. And it really isn’t hard at all. So keep checking back and see what I have to show you or teach you next. Have a great day my friends. 

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