Thinking About The Future at times can become mind-boggling to say the least.  Over the years we have found out many things that can, and will, affect our futures if things keep going the way they are.

It is a well know fact that our governments, right now, are passing Bills and Amendments to the Constitution that are now, and will in the future, taking away many, if not all of the freedoms we have right now. The attack on our rights of speech and weapons ownership are all being slowly and deliberately taken away from us.

Most of America is just fine with sitting on the butts doing nothing about it. It is very obvious that they really don’t care about what is going on. As long as they have their comfort zones they will be happy being Sheep; following everything they are told by a government that really doesn’t care about them any more. Our future is quickly approaching and we, as a people, need to take charge of our lives and take our power back from those who seek to control us all.

We are finding out now that everything from Vaccines to government intervention into our personal lives are forcing us to take part in programs  that we have not even been able to vote on and it  is increasing beyond reality. We, as Americans, are becoming hated by every other nation out there for the most part and we as a population have done nothing wrong except forgetting that our government is supposed to work for us not against us as it is right now in almost every way. Our society has become a surveillance society and right now they are watching you no less than 10 times a day through street and highway cams, drones, and other civilians who are secretly working for the government, like snapscout and infraguard. As far as I am concerned these people who are part of infraguard are traitors to the American people since they report directly to the FED’s. Get to know who they are and post who they are and where they live. They are doing the same to you! If they have finally gotten the population to go against one another then they have already won the battle.

Remember that in the not-too-distant future we are going to have to take back not only our freedoms but our way of life as well. Wake up and start fighting back before you can’t any more. The FEMA camps and more are ready for us to be placed. Are you going to let this happen to your family or children? Hell no! It’s fighting time! Our government is not looking out for our best interests. They are only looking out for themselves and the corporate powers that be. We must make our choice of either being a slave or a freedom fighter in the not-too-distant future. Prepare for the hard times that are coming, and yes they are coming at us like a steam engine!


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