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The roots of shamanism date back  thousands of years and its origins have been traced back to the Mongolian regions. The term is  used by people from all over the world. A shaman is an individual who is able to communicate with spirits and other beings on “the other side”. They are able to use their abilities to help people find themselves, use herbal remedies to heal, and in many customs is the overall clan or tribal psycologist/doctor/teacher/holy man. Shaman are able to use their knowledge of herbs, herbal remedies, and purifications ceremonies to heal and cleanse the mind, body and spirit. They know how to manipulate the subtle energies of nature to help keep balance within themselves and the community around them. They look at life as the observer of things and can literally step back with a non-attached view to see what is really happening in a given situation. They are very powerful, but seldom use their abilities to harm others in any negative ways.  There are those that do, however, so I advise to proceed with caution when walking this path, which is the path of the spirit warrior, healer, and truth seeker. 

Once you start walking this path you are beginning to take the “red pill” that they were talking about in the movie The Matrix. Why? Because taking this path creates a change of consciousness within you making it possible for you to not see the truth of things and understand the energies and powers around us. We are all pure energy beings who have the ability to do amazing things. Each one of us has the choice to use our abilities in a positive or negative way. Shaman throughout history have been the seers of the future and the recorders of ancient histories and ways. They are respected among all of the aboriginal people because what they do for the people works….unlike a lot of modern medicine. Becoming a shaman takes years of dedication, dicipline, and education in the fields of knowledge normally not available to the average person. In reality, the student doesn’t pick the teacher…the teacher picks the student. I will be adding more articles, notes and quotes, and videos when I get them from shaman and shamanic practices all around the world. So keep checking in often because you never know when I will update.

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