In today’s world of insanity and unpredictability of almost everything. We are finding that more people than ever are trying to find that something that can give them balance in life while at the same time not interfering with their daily existence. But You know, finding balance in our world today is something that sounds like a trip to the moon to many people.  In reality the best thing we could ever do for ourselves is to begin our personal and spiritual journey. It may not seem like much for those of you who just might be starting your journey but in the long run you will understand that because of taking this journey seriously you will be freeing yourself in more ways than you could ever imagine.

The first thing we have to understand is that we are in a symbiotic relationship. Our physical aspects and our energy, or spiritual, aspects are working together to give us an experience that we could in no way have unless the two were brought together. Both aspects complement one another giving us a very special ability to experience this world in several different ways at the same time. We have been taught that in order to connect with any higher power we had to go through a priest or someone like this.  Over time we have found that this is simply not the truth. All we have to do is step out into nature and open up. This is why Shamen are now in great demand. They simply help you along on your journey. We don’t experience things for you; we let you experience everything for yourself ,first hand. Developing one’s self Personally and Spiritually is something that few take advantage of. By doing this we allow ourselves to grow in ways we never even thought of. By developing ourselves in every way we can we begin to see the Matrix of lies, deceptions and simply put, freaking Plastic People around us. The more we develop ourselves the more we wake up from the all of the things we have been taught over the centuries. We have let ourselves be controlled much too long.  We are the ones that literally create the world around us. We create our world through our thought patterns, and as you know and have seen in life, a set pattern of negative beliefs and patterns can quickly destroy a person in no time at all.

I am a highly Spiritual Person but, as I have said, I am a realist as well. I live in this world right along with you. Therefore, my understanding of being spiritual is one which understands that the world around us can be a distraction.  Through practice and personal dedication we can become anything we want to become in this world, in this time… Developing oneself spiritually means that you are becoming a realist, such as myself. You can see things others can’t. You can feel a person’s emotional make-up and problems a thousand miles away once you learn how to connect with someone on a deeper level. The levels that you can reach during this lifetime will boggle your mind. It’s true. I walk around all of the time listening to other people’s drama and life situations and when these people tell their stories I already know how to help them. It’s that simple once you understand how to become the observer of, not only your life, but of everything around you. What we call intuition is something that we can learn to use and take advantage of everyday of our lives. Each and every one of us has only touched the surface of what our potentials really are. It’s time to wake up my friends and begin to start taking back your lives and powers which you have been taught not to believe in. It’s all a bogus facade. You have been told lies and deceptions so you will stay asleep and be good little cattle following along and doing everything they want you to. Well I have news for those who have been in power and controlling your lives for centuries. We have awaken and we are no longer accepting the Blue Pill of the Matrix. Why? Because we have already taken the Red Pill and we as a society and as individuals have, and are, waking up. We’re taking back our power and our lives. What do you get when you educate a man? A free man both physical and spiritually. Free yourself if you haven’t already. I did. It’s truly an unbelievably liberating  feeling! Being Spiritual Doesn’t Mean You’re On Your Knees All Of The Time. It Means Living Life To Its Fullest!

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