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I was thinking just the other day about us all; You, me and everyone on the planet.

I realized something that many people don’t even think about, believe it or not, and never look at seriously. That is the fact that right now our Country and the World around us is beginning to fall apart at the seams. The systems of Belief and Government are simply not working!

I remember a time when the Old Ones would sit and tell their stories to us of these times and amazingly I have lived long enough to see their stories come true. We all know that there is still more to come. People are becoming like locusts. There are beginning to be too many of us and greed has turned the World upside down. We are running out of certain resources now like clean water and enough food for the people. We are not giving back to the Earth. This has been a serious mistake.

The White Man said when they first came here that “their medicine was good.” They brought oil lamps, tools, weapons and new technologies from Europe that would “make life easier” in every way.

I now look back and see nothing but a trail of destruction for the Native Peoples, their Lands, and waters of this once great land and the World. The technologies that have been created, for the most part, are used for the Military, Political machines and Corporations that controls us and everything around us now.

So we have to ask ourselves a few questions, my friends. Who are we now? What are we now, meaning, what have we become? Have we been quietly and willingly enslaved once again, through deception and lies, by those who want nothing more than to control all those not like themselves? Have we been lied to all along about everything? And, if this is the case then, How The Hell Do We Break Free?

The question is and always has been… Are you ready to take the Red Pill as in the Movie Matrix? Or, are you content to stay in Oz by choosing the Blue Pill and living your life in ignorance never knowing the whole truth like simple mice in a maze looking for food, a mate, and comfort?

If one is serious and wants to see change in the World it all boils down to making that change within yourself first. Learning to re-balance our lives is something that we all need to do several times during our lifetimes. Is now the time for you? Is now the time for you to step back and away from the Matrix and reclaim you life, your power, your energy? Do you want to redirect you life away from all of the crap and craziness and redirect it into a direction of purpose and positive creativeness? Redirect yourself into a world of happiness, understanding and love that goes far beyond that which we see in the world around us today. It really is possible you know…

So, you want to take the “Red Pill” and from this point on get on with living your life and seek your truth? Then you have found the right place because that is what this site is all about.

Learning to develop yourself Spirituality and personally and always seeking the truth in all things is a major personal journey. We are extremely powerful beings of incredible potential, possibility and capability. We can no longer, as a species, waste our time with futile Politics, War and lies any more. If our species is going to Survive and take the next step then let it happen NOW!

We are beings of pure energy that keeps this physical thing we call a body alive. We are already eternal, but we have forgotten this. Simply put, we have been misguided by those who have been in charge of our understanding of what God and Spirituality truly is. The simple fact is….. we have been lied to for a very long time.

But, now that we have evolved to the point of understanding that we, ourselves, are small universes and that we are but a piece of the greater whole and in every piece of the whole is an exact replica of the whole we can see that there exists infinite potential. Quantum Physics proves this. Therefore the Great Spirit is not only a part of us but that we are a part of It and together we collectively make a whole.

Together let’s learn to live in Peace and Harmony integrating and using a fine blend of old-fashioned ways and modern technology. It can be done, but it has to start with us as individuals and we, in turn, have to help and teach others how to do the same thing. Break away from the grid and the matrix and become as self-reliant as possible. Our world is changing fast, Brothers and Sisters. Start right now, today, and learn how to take back control of your life in every way possible And Prepare yourself. This world is about to go through some major changes the like of which mankind has never seen before. I’ve already seen it….and it is happening right now.

So here we are….. Clean Water Sources dwindling…….. Global Food Sources are, and have been, diminishing for awhile now. War now seems to be the norm and will continue to be the norm as long as we all agree to live in the Matrix of fear that those in control have created for us to live in….perpetuated and reinforced by the Media… Think about it!

There is always a new fear for each new generation… Interesting indeed! And there’s always a justification for War just in time to save a Politician’s and his administrations, ass. We have to change soon, and fast, because if we don’t those who are going to inherit the future are going to pay severely for the mistakes we allowed to happen today by our Governments and Corporate entities, the so called “Powers that Be”.

So here we are now, today, knowing the truth of what is happening to our Planet and the chaos in the World around us yet still we move full-steam ahead into a potential future that will be so different from today’s that our very own planet won’t be able to support us. It’s time to wake up and make the change and responsibility for or World and how we want it to be before it is too late to redeem the situation, because that time is closer than you think.

“Take Your Power Back!”

“Our Future Is Not For Sale!”

“All Empires Fall eventually and this Empire is teetering on the brink of its own downfall.

A Brave New World is on its way; nothing like the one of today. Let’s be sure that it is a better place than the one we have now.

Destruction is easier than Creation as it takes effort and focus to build something better.

From:  Brother “William White Crow”


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