Here we are in the 21st Century with every possible technology at our disposal and yes, medicine has advanced but at what cost? It seems that every medication now put on the market has some pretty serious side effects. While on the other hand, very few natural herbs have side effects.  If an individual follows the cautions and instructions given them by their  Herbalist or Herbal Doctor then all should be well. I have worked with helping others learn to heal themselves using Natural Remedies for over 40 years now and as I say, a fine blend of modern technology complimented with old-fashioned ways can do a lot to heal a person who others have given up on.

In this new section which I have added to my site I will be bringing you a variety of new and old natural remedies that can help you in many ways no matter what type of ailment you may have.  I would like to give you some wisdom when it comes to using herbal medicines to heal yourself. Before using any Medicinal Plants on your own be sure you study them well. Know the parts of the plant itself as well as what parts to use. Also be sure to understand what the herb is used for and how to prepare it for use. Many herbs you can use as a tea.  Others take different techniques to prepare before you can use them. Simple, but all the same different.  Here are some herbs you can first study on your own that are normally in a herbalist home:  Echinacea, Chamomile, Hawthorn, Yarrow, and let’s say, Golden Seal. Pay close attention to the Golden Seal Special notes. This is one of the herbs I told you about that you will need to study its side effects.  If used according to instructions then all should be well. A very good herb indeed!

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