The 100-Year Forecast: More Extreme Weather

An international team of researchers formed their conclusion after running computer simulations predicting what future weather patterns around the globe will look like if levels of greenhouse gases continue to rise as expected.
     Not only have they continued to rise but now the oceans are releasing these store houses of Methane into the atmosphere as well. Our planets changing magnetic field is reeking havoc with our planetary systems. Alot of things have happened. Most don’t know that everytime we have a massive earth quake which we have been having quite a few lately have you noticed. Everytime we have one of these quakes our planet literally changes its axis a little bit maybe a few feet. No Problem… But our planet right now is having lots of them and you hear no mention of that except that some air ports have had to change their landing field marking because of the movement of the north pole. It way more than that now. Our planets axis has everything to do with our weather. Notice any early springs or winters lately? Bet you have. All of the worlds old people are talking about the changes. See not only do we see them but we feel them inside as well. We are part of the planets system.
It is predicted that the central parts of the planet meaning the equatorial areas are already begining to dry out. And corperations are now daming up the Amazon as we speak. Everytime we dam up and area we destroy its entire eco system and create a new one the problem is we’re not as good at it as mother nature. So the future of weather for our country all i n all is going to be an increase in temps and less snow with more rain. Rain runs off while a snow pack gives us water for the summer months and slowly re fills our planet underground Aquafers. But this is not happening and in some areas water levels are getting so low our local water companies are having to drill new wells deeper and deeper. The problem is now scientist are now saying that many of the earthquakes they are having in the midwest is directly caused by drilling and extraction of water and oil. Ahhh Duuuh!
So ther we have it the question is can we learn and change our ways before it is simply to late to do anything. Its all up to you. What are you willing to do to help. Any little positive action helps but we’re not going to stop what mother has decided to do! Be cool and stay out of harms way… 🙂

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