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The Journey Of Life

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching We convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another. Then we are frustrated that the kids aren’t …

Our Ten Comandments

The Indian Ten Commandments Treat the Earth and all that dwell therein with respect Remain close to the Great Spirit Show great respect for your fellow beings Work together for …

Honey and Cinnamon Remedy

  Cinnamon and Honey have been used as a remedy for a long time now. The good thing about these two Medicinal items is that they both taste good and have …

The Natural World Around Us

Here we are in the 21st Century with every possible technology at our disposal and yes, medicine has advanced but at what cost? It seems that every medication now put …

Who Are We?

What is a Hybrid? Have any of you looked into the mirror lately and thought about our ancestry? If any part of our DNA is extraterrestrial then WE are the alien …

Little Facts Of Wisdom From William WhiteCrow

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits. …

The Priciples Of The Matrix

In Reality What Is The Matrix? When the term Matrix came out in the movie of the same name most of us Shamans smiled to ourselves knowing that this was another …

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