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No matter what is happening in the world today it should not in anyway stop the individual from striving for their own Personal Perfection. We are here to live our lives to the fullest and that’s exactly what we all should be doing. The times we are going through right now are ties of great learning and experiencing. We are at the  apex of oyer society right now meaning we can either destroy ourselves and our future generations or we can move on to the next level of understanding and awareness. It is all up to us now. Time travel and space travel is something we have been doing for some time now. We have to realize who and what we really are and only then will we put away our warring ways and understand that our future is at stake here in more ways than one. We don’t have long before several large scale events are going to take place and yes if we don’t watch it during this sixth great extinction we will disappear just like the dinosaurs. The time for change is right now not later.


Knowing the truth is different than wondering what the truth is. The truth is we are not alone and have never been alone here on earth. Also we must understand right now that we are part of a bigger picture here. During my entire life I have been involved with not only the spirit by being a Shaman but I have been involved with our visiting brother for quite some time now as well as being involved in the Pegasus and Montauk Projects as well. And over the next two years I am going to be bringing to you what I have experienced and seen in all of my experiences through out my entire life. I tried for many years to stay quit and hidden but t no avail people that have been in the programs have sought me out and finally found me even though I have been staying away from them for over 40 to 50 years now. That was until Andrew my good friend and presidential candidate finally found me 30 miles out of town down and 3 miles down a dirt road. Yes I lif in a very secure fenced in compound but he and some others found me so here we are. When Andrew found me and asked me to come tell what I know and after a year or more I decided to do just that… tell it all. And believe me my friends things are not what they seem to be and yes within the next two years I am going to tell it ll. .



 If You Truly Want To Change And Live The Life You Want… You Can! And You Can Start Doing It Right Now!

“The Phoenix Program”

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My Good Friends /Family and long time students. But remember we all have many teachers in life. You’re going to love this!



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