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What do you see happening to the world around you right now? There are Wars, Terrorist Acts, Militarization of Law Enforcement, Corporate Control, Security Agency Hidden Agendas, Religious Disillusionment, Possible Economic Collapse,¬†Governments going crazy fighting one another over resources and more. Do you have a choice¬† or even a say in the matter? If there is one thing I have learned in life it is that there are some things you can’t change but there is a hell of a lot of things you can!

This website is designed to open up your eyes so you can see. Everything here has been researched and found to be legit, but I still leave it up to you to decide. Information is the road to education and enlightenment; so seeing what is really going on in the world today and understanding the consequences of our societies actions it’s essential to our growth as humans beings. It’s the only way we can learn what not to do in the future;

Right now our planet, society, and ways of life are about to change in ways never thought possible and you are going to be alive to witness it. It is also important to understand that we are the guiding light of freedom and social enlightenment and can no longer stand aside and not get involved in what is happening to us all today. Wake up humanity before it’s too late!

Everything from our atmosphere, oceans, fresh water supplies, and yes, even or food supplies are at stake here. Really, this is not an illusion. It is a reality.

Sweat Lodge fire in LB

White Crow in contemplation before a show

“Learn to Become the Force In Life you are seeking”


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