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Here you can find everything from Ours and the Planets global situation as well and find Articles and research on Natural Living, Herbs, what’s going on with our government and more. The articles and information on this site is there to simply make one aware of the realities of what is really going on. We don’t deal with as they say conspiracies… Why Because once you have proven one single fact on what many would call a conspiracy it is no longer a conspiracy it is then considered fact plain and simple.

But this should not stop the individual from striving for their own personal perfection. We are here to live our lives to the fullest and that’s exactly what we all should be doing. And if your having a hard time doing that then you need to check out our PDS Training & Consulting Page! Its free to check out and enjoy what it has to offer you…Really you’ll love it!

Oh yea also we have our new Link Page! Its something you’ll definitely want to check out. We have linked to several awesome sites and product lines we know your going to love. So check out each link we have and you’ll see how easy it is to get your Emergency Supplies, Personal and Home Security items and More!


Here’s a little something to help you start your year off right… Enjoy and take the steps forward to make this year your best year ever!

I Don’t Give A Damb Who You Are If You Want To Change And Live The Life You Want You Can! And You Can Start Doing It Right Now!

“The Phoenix Program”

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If your looking for anything from Clothes, Gardening Supplies, Health Products, MP3 Downloads, Game Downloads, Kindle’s, Book Downloads for Kindle! Instant Videos, Gift Cards, And More To Come!

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WhiteCrow’s Radio Archives, Talks and Articles on what’s happening in the world today!

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Here’s A Song That You Can Feel When It Comes To The Truth!

My Good Friends /Family and long time students. But remember we all have many teachers in life. Your going to love this!

What Is Happening Right Now Is Global In Nature! But we have to work at the local levels first to make things better! In our Newsletter ” The Talking Crow” we try to touch base on what is happening in the world around use as well as bring you other things that have to do with Natural Medicines, Remedies, Herb of the month, Ocean, Space, and Environmental information you won’t here in the main stream media. So join us in our journey into the future!

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